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Padharo Mhare Des... To Enjoy These Fast Foods From The Streets Of Royal Rajasthan!

Padharo Mhare Des... To Enjoy These Fast Foods From The Streets Of Royal Rajasthan!

Like most cuisines in India, Rajasthani food also has a lip-smacking flavour that can be described in two tasteful words, royal and spicy! That thali which was served to Alauddin Khilji when he visited Raja Rana Ratan Singh in Chittorgarh fort in Padmavat, or the one that was served by Jodha to Akhbar when she cooked in his kitchen for the first time in Jodha Akhbar, they weren't exaggerating at all. Rajasthani thalis are still elaborately prepared.

There are places in Jaipur like Chowki Dhani where you can still enjoy the authentic Rajasthani meal which includes every taste you could ever ask for. A thali will include daal-bati, aloo-bati, besan ke gatte, churma, kachori, kadhi, bajre ki khichdi with ghee, namkeen, sweet, fresh butter, gunjia, jalebi, moong daal ka halwa, kheer, boondi raita, rabri, papad, pickles, salad and a lot more. Now imagine, if that's dinner, how cool the street food would be!       


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While I do recommend dedicating a day to the authentic Rajasthani meal, Rajasthani pickles and Bikaneri bhujia, I also suggest you book another one for the street food, especially, if you are a fan of spice.   

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You may have had a chance to eat kachori before on various occasions but none of those can be compared to freshly made crispy daal kachori, samosas and sour chutney from Suwalal Kachori Center in Kota. While you'll find good Aloo Pyaaz ki kachori at the same venue, try getting it from Jodhpur Mishtaan Bhandar. It tastes better!   

Pani Patashe


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The Rajasthani version of gol gappe are mostly available near popular temples and popular chaat areas but you'll like the ones from either Kota or Jaipur. The makers add boondi to their tamarind water and the aftertaste can stay for hours. 


The most interesting sweet you'll taste in the city of Jaipur. You can find this disc-shaped sweet all over Rajasthan. It's made of ghee, flour and paneer. You can buy a variety of ghevar - Malai, plain (you can sweeten it at home), mawa. To be more specific, you can get it from LMB in Johari Bazaar, Jaipur and Sodani from Laal Kothi, Jaipur.  


kadak sev from kota

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So, these are going to be the spiciest namkeens you'll ever eat. They are thick, spicy and crunchy. You can find them at any bakery in Kota but one of the best batches of Sev comes from Ratan Sev Bhandaar, Kota. 



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The poha aka flat rice seller in Mansarovar, Jaipur, next to KV-5 comes at 11 am with at least 50 kg of prepared poha every day and leaves in less than an hour! His pohas are finely garnished with tomato, onions, poha masala, fresh coriander and Rajasthani namkeen.  


No, these are not the regular pakoras, we are talking about mirchi pakoras. Available at many food corners in Rajasthan, these thick green chillis (without the seeds), deep-fried with a layer of gram flour and served with green and tamarind chutney. If you are not a spice-lover, this one is not for you.  

Aloo tikki chaat


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Yes, a plain aloo tikki chaat by the street also tastes different in the pink city because of the added spices, chickpea and chutney. You shouldn't miss it.


It's not just the Punjabis who crave for lassi, Rajasthanis love it as well. Specifically, when it's from the Lassiwala located at MI Road, Jaipur. Lassi from this outlet is topped with a layer of Malai. The shop has been there since 1944 and it runs out of lassi by 4 pm so you can imagine the popularity of this one.

Shrikhand & Rabri

rajasthani shrikhand

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Thick, sweet, extra creamy and loaded with dry fruits and saffron, that's the introduction of Rajasthani shrikhand and rabri for you. You can enjoy both delicacies at the outlets of Falahaar along with other foods one can consume while on fast like sabudana tikki etc.   

Faluda kulfi


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While in Rajasthan, forget your regular ice creams and concentrate on kulfis. You'll get a huge variety starting from malai kulfi to matka kulfi. Faluda kulfi is best served next to Birla Temple. If you order matka kulfi, you'll be served in a leaf. From cardamom to pistachios, you'll feel the richness of each and every ingredient, trust me. 



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Now that you've enjoyed all the delicacies, time to digest some. From fire, to mango, to chocolate, Annu Paan shop in Vijaypath, Mansarovar in Jaipur have every flavour of paan you can ask for. 

In my'll find lots of flavours and colours and you will fall in love with them. Please do not leave without treating your tastebuds!

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