7 Reasons We're All Blessed To Have That One Boy Bestie In Our Lives!

7 Reasons We're All Blessed To Have That One Boy Bestie In Our Lives!

I know that my father and brother are never leaving my side but there is another boy who I wish doesn't ever leave my life, ever. No, I'm not talking about my boyfriend, I'm talking about my guy BFF. I feel every girl deserves at least one guy BFF in her life who makes things smooth for her without expectations. Someone who stays with her through thick and thin for raat ki gedi, shows up to dance with her on all the breakup songs and arranges desi daaru for her. Someone who is not afraid of being friend-zoned rather enjoys being a girl's best buddy!

Cheers to all those boy BFFs we've taken for granted and didn't thank enough, until now! Here are a few times our guy besties made our lives easier.

1. Guy besties are sweet yet protective

Much like girl besties, they're up for all kinds of fun, from going to a pub to a small vacay but they are far more protective. Guy besties sort of posses this sixth sense for all the guys we are planning to date. And even when they are fighting with us, they always keep an eye on you. They'll love you, criticise you, disagree with you all the time but will be around you, to protect you. No drama, shuddh-desi friendship!

1. joey pee scene from friends

2. No matter what time it is, they're always available

I'll be there for you, indeed! If not physically, then on Whatsapp or on call. They will pick a call even in the middle of the night because they know that their bestie is going through a breakup or is pms-ing.  

3. They make loosening up look so easy

With a guy bestie, there are no judgments so you can just pop open a bottle of whichever drink you like and blurt your secrets out, no filter needed or expected. One can literally ugly cry in front of them while sitting in the worst looking pyjamas. So easy!

3 joey and rachel gif

4. Cracking dirty jokes never looked so normal

Every funny girl knows a funny dirty joke but it just becomes funnier when you share it with your boy bestie. With them, you can unleash their inner dude. No filter needed.  

5. Their car, our practice car!

Before experimenting on dad's car, we've already perfected our driving skills on our boy bestie's car. Our driving may or may not have led the car to a few scratches but we will forever be seen as 'not guilty'. Not to forget some good long drive memories we make on the way.  

5 ross and pheobe driving the car

6. There's always a 'jugaad' and they know it!

From a good excuse for a bad report card to a sneaky vacation, they have a jugaad for everything and as their girl bestie, we have the right to bathe in the glory of their jugaadu knowledge.

7. They have a treasure of knowledge from 'men's world'

...which they are willing to share. A boy bestie will blurt out all secrets thoughts that men have and help us decode the behaviour of our crushes. Not just that, wait for the information on the topics like sports, cars, alcohol that'll make you feel and look smarter than the others *wink*  

7 ross unagi scene from friends

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