Chetan Bhagat Tweets That Make All Of Us Wonder, 'Is This Guy For Real?'

Chetan Bhagat Tweets That Make All Of Us Wonder, 'Is This Guy For Real?'

One of India's bestselling authors and the favourite writer of every non-reader, Chetan Bhagat loves to keep his social media feed interesting. To keep his 12.3 million followers engaged on Twitter, he often runs contests like #GuessTheTitle of his upcoming book. He often talks about social issues, politics, his columns and the events he attends. But what truly gets him all the attention are his shockingly weird tweets. Sometimes, the writer ends up tweeting such bizarre statements that trollers can't help themselves but speak up. Not just the trollers and Mr Bhagat's readers but brilliant minds like Twinkle Khanna also get affected by his words on Twitter, when dragged into a sarcastic conversation, of course.

Here's a look at some of the hilarious tweets by the writer that make no sense whatsoever. I bet it'll make your day!   

1. This basically looks like a writer's explanation for why all his average teenage romance novels are on big screen now instead of a mastermind's autobiography

2. Can you imagine someone, whose novels are read as widely as his, blamed India-Pak partition when Pakistan lost a cricket match against the Men in Blue by six wickets? Why? Like why?

3. Now this one's about a serious historical topic but when a published writer makes a grammatical error, people notice 

4. After the launch of One Indian Girl, the writer wanted to see his book set in a nice backdrop, so he tweeted about it promising a retweet in exchange but here's what happened.

And here's how he responded and got trolled AGAIN.

5. Another gem from the archives is Mr Bhagat's conversation with Piers Morgan when Morgan commented on India for celebrating a bronze and a silver medal. 

6. And now comes Mr Bhagat's sarcastic banter with Mrs Funny Bones and boy, Twinkle Khanna sure is a batsman on the funny-field... Ouch!

Chetan Bhagat is an entertaining man, but we really can do without these tweets!

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