Take This Quiz To Find Out If You've Been Wearing The Right Bra Size Or Not...The Result May Surprise You!

Take This Quiz To Find Out If You've Been Wearing The Right Bra Size Or Not...The Result May Surprise You!

There are a few things in life that women have to deal with regardless of the day. Whether it's random guys sliding into our DMs uninvited or fighting period cramps that make you feel like you are dying... being a woman is no piece of cake. Another unavoidable annoyance that women have to deal with is those pesky bras. A comfortable bra is a myth, surely, no matter the fabric or style you wish to wear. Part of that has to do with the fit of the bra, and every woman knows that an improperly fitted bra can be a headache.

I myself have been a fan of this clothing item regardless of its difficulties. But a recent fact I came across left me worried. According to lingerie expert and head of Rigby & Peller June Kenton, "About 85% of women are wearing the wrong size, and haven't got any idea how to deal with it." Whoa!

In my quest to make my journey with the brassier more fruitful, I decided to remedy the situation of an ill-fitted one. That is when I stumbled upon this gem of a website that lets you find your perfect fitting based on a few easy questions:

1 bra

Step 1: The Basics

2 bra

The quiz format is easy to understand, open to any kind of user (no limitations of particular brands), and gives you full freedom to pick a range of answers. The quiz also gives you the option to assess your current bra in real time and compare the results to find a better fit.

3 bra

Step 2: The Fit Issues

4 bra

To determine the right size, the fit finder gives you many options to choose from. The step is also accompanied by a video demonstration of what each type of fit looks like on a real model. This step analyses both the cup and band fit of the bra.

5 bra

Step 3: Personal Wear Preferences

6 bra

Depending on how you choose to wear your bra, the quiz takes a more personalised approach towards you as an individual user. They also take a look at how comfortable your straps feel, even after you have made adjustments to the bra.

7 bra

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Step 4: Remedy Your 'Cutting Corners'

8 bra

Like many women my age, I also compromise when it comes to the right size, particular pieces that make me more comfortable or when I'm in a rush. This step remedies that situation. 

9 bra

Step 5: Your Size And Shape

10 bra

The final part of the quiz is to do with your anatomy. With questions like breast shape, height, and size of undies, the test tries to put all perspectives together. 

So, I thought I was a 34B. And, well, this is what I found out:

11 bra

Will you fare any better?

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