Use This Genius Styling Trick When You Need To Carry A Lot Of Things But Don't Like Big Bags!

Use This Genius Styling Trick When You Need To Carry A Lot Of Things But Don't Like Big Bags!

A fashionista's sleeve is full of tricks and tips to make her life easier. Whether they are DIY hacks to make her old set of leather boots shiny new or cinching an oversized shirt into a fit and flare dress... she does it all. One of these styling tricks that we have been spotting a lot lately is the double bagging trend. At its core the trick lies in carrying two bags at the same time... possibly a big, roomy bag paired with a chic and sleek handbag:

7 styling trick

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This genius yet simple trick blew us away. While you can easily carry your essentials like phone, wallet, keys and a lipstick in the smaller bag, the bigger bag can come in handy on days you need to tag along with some extra pair of clothes. Nobody says it is against the rules to carry two handbags at the same time and judging by these celebs' versions of double bagging, it looks pretty stylish as well!

This comes with a catch though... there are some ways you can adopt this trend without looking out of place. 

1. Mix & Match Styles


A tote with a satchel or a shoulder bag with a sling... mix and match the styles of the two handbags you wish to carry at the same time. This will also give you a chance to make use of all the bags in your closet.

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2. Don't Mix Prints


The double bagging trend works best with 'solid on solid' or 'print on solid'. Picking two bags with different prints can wash out your outfit. 

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3. Opt For Complementing Colours


If you choose to carry your red tote with a blush pink sling, there is a chance of people accusing you of having a "pregnancy brain". Pay close attention to complementing colours and don't carry two bags that will clash with their bright hues. 

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