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This Stunning Prabal Gurung Dress Proved That Fashion Knows No Borders!

This Stunning Prabal Gurung Dress Proved That Fashion Knows No Borders!

Quite often when you look at high fashion, it gives the impression of being tailored to a particular audience. But speaking to designers you can understand, just how global their approach remains when it comes to silhouettes and designs. It is no more an exclusive club in the west, but the market has spread and seeped into other parts of the world as well. This fact is more prominent when you get a chance to find the same designs on celebrities from totally different industries and ethnicities. 

More recently we spotted a popular Prabal Gurung design making the rounds in the celeb circuit. We first spotted this yellow gown on our own Kareena Kapoor Khan for a recent event:

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Then, it was Australian beauty and androgynous queen Ruby Rose who stepped on to the red carpet in the same number:

It isn't just celebrities who are fans of pretty yellow gowns that look good on everyone, American entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd also wore it for an event:

Three women with totally different fashion sensibilities, body type and look styling the same dress and looking like an absolute queen is definitely a moment we cherish!

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