Want Him To Hit The Right Spot? This Is How You Can Get Deeper Penetration & Longer Orgasm

Want Him To Hit The Right Spot? This Is How You Can Get Deeper Penetration & Longer Orgasm

Have you ever moaned 'deeper, harder' during sex? Then you know that feeling when your man is buried deep inside you, pleasuring you by hitting the right spot, and taking full possession of your body and mind. The kind of raw, animalistic pleasure that you get from being possessed so deeply and desired so passionately by your man can make you go crazy.

Deep penetration, if done right, can be extremely rewarding to both of you, and by reward I mean a longer, stronger orgasm. So, do yourself a favour and try these five positions with your man if you're craving deeper penetration that'll throw you over the edge.

1. Doggy 

Has to be one of the best positions for deeper penetration ever! Not only does it give him the space to work it hard, it also results in G-Spot stimulation because of the position you two are in. 

1 deeper penetration

2. Missionary With A Twist

All you need to do is lie on your back, like you would in missionary, and then throw your legs over his shoulder. He'll lean a little to push your legs against your upper body. Since your butt will be in the air, he will have an easier time penetrating deeper. 

3. Cowgirl

Ride him, girl! Get on top of your man and hump like you mean it. This position gives you G-Spot stimulation and the control over the depth that you want. Better yet, ask him to help you along the way a little by putting his hands on your bum to support you and match you thrust for thrust!

4. Sandwich

This is like missionary with a twist but with your legs folded. Do the same thing as before but this time try bending your knees in opposite directions, outwards basically. This wouldn't put as much pressure on your stomach, allowing you to breathe a little freely.

4 deeper penetration

5. Spooning

While lying side by side, just bend your knees a little so that he can take you from behind. He'll have support and leverage to enter you as deeply as you want from behind!

Try some of these positions ladies, and tell us how it was!

Images: Shutterstock, Giphy

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