Stay Young, Wild And Free By Adding This Trendy Denim Style To Your Wardrobe!

Stay Young, Wild And Free  By Adding This Trendy Denim Style To Your Wardrobe!

‘Cropped’ is the vibe of the season and we finally see why it is so appealing. A cropped pair of bottoms instantly makes you look younger and gives you a carefree touch. A cropped style takes away the seriousness of an outfit. A button-down shirt becomes more fun and perky styles like girly blouses and tees look even better!

So, how is the cropped trend translating to denim this season? Paired with the flared silhouette, this denim trend is being adopted by street style stars to create a fun contrast within their ensembles. Paired with ribbed tops or delicate cardigans, this fall trend is one of the coolest ever.

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Image courtesy @songofstyle on Instagram

While there unwritten rules about what you can and cannot wear for your age, fashion girls are breaking free and writing their own commandments. It is definitely a favourite of one of our desi fashionista:

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Image courtesy @priyankachopra on Instagram

If you are on a quest to prep your fall wardrobe, we have some cropped flared jeans in mind that will make a fine addition right now. They are all mid-rise and high waisted as well, so you can stock up on winter weight and disguise it in smart denim jeans all day long!

1. Fit & Flare

1 flared jeans

Mid rise solid blue jeans are the pair that goes with literally anything in your closet. Pair these with some fun chunky sneakers for a sporty chic look that can be worn all day long!

POPxo recommends: Mid-Rise Cropped Jeans (Rs 2,099) by Tally Weijl

2. The Baggy Kind

2 flared jeans

Mom jeans unshed in an era of women embracing the baggy pants look. While fitted silhouettes can give you a more polished look, on your off days you can rely on these roomy ones instead!

POPxo recommends: Flared High-Rise Clean Look Stretchable Jeans (Rs 2,049) by Forever21

3. The Distressed One

3 flared jenas

You can't have a conversation about denim without getting in some distressed action. This trend is more or less here to stay, so make the most of while you still can!

POPxo recommends: Striped Hem Light Wash Ripped Jeans (Rs 1,499) by Shein

4. Love The Beading

4 flared jeans

We love embroidered and embellished bottoms. They can be worn on days you feel a bit under accessorised and need to quench your thirst for the bling. Also, this pearl beaded pair is absolutely adorable.

POPxo recommends: Beads On The Hems (Rs 2,590) by Zara

5. Pristine Whites

5 flared jeans

Coloured jeans are a gamble when it comes to long wear, but the all-white kind is a solid blue counterpart that suits many styles of tops. Psst… your casual Fridays at work is sorted for the fall!

POPxo recommends: Denim Flared High Waist (Rs 1,999) by H&M

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