7 Things You'll Get If You're The Only Married Person In Your Friend Circle!

7 Things You'll Get If You're The Only Married Person In Your Friend Circle!

Being married is a lovely thing but it has its own downsides. Especially if you are a social person and have been a part of a tight-knit group, things change. And those changes may not always be good. Your friends will always understand but as your priorities change, you will always feel a tad left out when plans are made. We feel you! Here's a list of things you will get if you are the only married person in your friend circle. Read on to find out how many you relate to...

1. Tinder is no more for you!

You feel out of place when your friends discuss their dating experiences. The new guy they met, how good he was - for you, it's obviously not an option anymore. Also, you can't really indulge on Tinder now because you have already swiped right for life.

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2. When you miss out on plans

You have to spend time with your husband and then there are family commitments. Admit it, ladies! No matter how much you try, you end up missing the ladies' nights out. It's either someone's birthday, anniversary, a family dinner or even better, there's some relative coming over.

3. You are less updated about them

You are less updated about your friends and their whereabouts. You ain't aware of the details of the vacation they took, or a new haircut they tried or a new dress they bought. You missed out on the movie they planned or the spa session they booked. All because you are just too busy in your new life, which is perfectly okay but we know how it feels! 

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4. When they tell you, 'You won't understand!'

Of course, there's the taunt of being married. When they constantly tell you, 'Teri toh ab shaadi ho gayi hai, tu toh rehne de!'. Your friends now treat you differently because according to them you don't get the bachelor lot anymore. You don't understand most of the jokes and the stories because you weren't there when the event happened. It seems like you have been living under a rock and that's when reality hits you hard. 

5. When they expect you to be a matchmaker

'Who was that handsome guy I met at your wedding?' - you will always hear this question over and over again unless you hook them up with your good looking devar. Or it might be the handsome hunk in your husband's social group. Just because you are married you are assumed to be a matchmaker now!

tenor %281%29

6. When checking out guys is not a thing for you anymore

Imagine a hot guy walks into the bar but should you pass your comment on him? You're always in two minds. Your friends are dissecting him to the last thread but you would have to be careful.

7. Your husband vs friends

Whenever you take your husband along to meet your friends, they become proper and they behave in a certain way. They do that because they don't want your husband to form a bad impression of them. That's not enjoyable for either of you or your gang. You are lucky if your husband is as jovial as your peer group. 


Well, whatever the downsides, the upsides of being married still beat them. And once your friends get married, they'll understand!

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