#NotFakingIt: 11 True Facts About Orgasms That You Would Have Never Imagined!

#NotFakingIt: 11 True Facts About Orgasms That You Would Have Never Imagined!

Orgasms are one of the best things to happen to us. Do you agree with me or do you agree with me? While we may claim to know a lot about orgasms, but there still may be a lot of facts that will come out as an absolute eye-opener. I can say this because I felt the same when I found out about some of these. So, here are nine things I bet you didn't know about orgasms because I surely didn't!

1. Some people can climax even without touching themselves!

Yes! Sleep orgasms are a thing and some people climax just by thinking about orgasms!

facts about orgasms 1

2. Wearing socks can help you get an orgasm faster!

Researchers at the University of Groningen found that 80% couples reached an orgasm while wearing socks while only 50% managed to get off without the socks. So, warm feet = good feeling! 

3. A little change in the diet can help you orgasm better!

An increase in certain supplements like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and chocolate can boost dopamine levels, leaving you with a good feeling!

4. Orgasms are a form of natural pain relievers.

From headaches to a common cold, they cure everything! Get started, already!

facts about orgasms 3

5. Orgasms get better with age.

Practice makes you perfect and so orgasms get better as you age!

6. Some women have reportedly orgasmed during childbirth.

That's so weird!

7. Use of a condom does not affect the quality of an orgasm.

Ladies, it is important to use protection at whatever cost!

facts about orgasms

8. Women take longer than men to climax.

And it's okay because our orgasm lasts for 20 to 25 seconds while male orgasm lasts for only 5 - 9 seconds. Yay for being a woman!

9. The record for world's most orgasms in a day is 226 times!

The woman who did it is from Denmark.

10. Few women have never climaxed during sex.

Yes! It's true. About 10% of women have never really achieved an orgasm during their life and this inability to reach orgasm is known as Anorgasmia.  It is mostly never permanent but has been reported in a few women.


11. There are over seven types of female orgasms!

Multiple orgasms, G spot orgasms, clitoral orgasms to name a few!

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