These 30-Second Beauty Rituals Are Timesavers For Us 20-Something Girls

These 30-Second Beauty Rituals Are Timesavers For Us 20-Something Girls

It's safe to assume that the life of a 20-something girl living in a city can be super busy. Speaking from personal experience, I can vouch that we are always running from one chore to the other. In the middle of this chaos, we must get the work done, and look like a million bucks too. Sounds like too much pressure, right? It could be, but not if you practice these 30-second beauty rituals every day! (Thank us later.)

1. When it comes to makeup, pick a multitasker like yourself. BB creams and CC creams are quick to apply, offer light coverage and save space in your makeup pouch too.

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2. Who needs brow gel when you have your trusty lip balm, right? Before stepping out of your house, dip a clean toothbrush into a pot of balm and comb your eyebrows.

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3. Before applying mascara, coat your lashes with loose powder. It adds volume and fluff to your lashes. 

4. For an instant glow, mix a drop of foundation and liquid illuminator together and apply it to your face. 

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5. Don't have plenty of time to shave your legs? Just apply a bit of baby oil and shave away. Your razor will glide smoothly and your legs will feel super smooth too. Plus instead of two products, you just use one! 

6. A quick way to revive your manicure is to apply a top coat so that it looks like you just got back from the salon. 

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7. To give your body a subtle sheen, spray some dry body oil in the shower cabinet and then take a bath as usual. It'll give your skin a luminous glow. 

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8. Instead of removing your makeup and doing it from scratch, just quickly apply light face moisturizer over your makeup. It'll give your face a fresh, dewy look. 

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