Birthday Suit Needed: Sex Positions According To Sun Signs That Will Drive Him Crazy!

Birthday Suit Needed: Sex Positions According To Sun Signs That Will Drive Him Crazy!

Waking up every morning to check what the day has in store for you (LOL!) and then proving it wrong or looking at someone do something and then saying something like, "That's so Libra!" is how you add some drama into your life! But what if you could add the same drama to your other favourite thing, sex? Wouldn't that be so fun?

So, we found an amazing way for you to do so. Find out your man's sun sign and we have a sex position that will drive him crazy!

1. Aries

Aries men are all about spontaneity and adventure. For him, it'll be best if you have sex somewhere he's not expecting at all. The act of adventure and the thrill of being caught will make him hot for you. For him, standing doggy-style seems to be the best bet. Let him take you from behind while you're both standing with your back against his chest. It'll be even better if you can lie down on a table or bed in the same position for deeper penetration.

2. Taurus

Strong, stable and sensual are the three S-words to describe the Taurus man. For him, the intimacy of the act matters more than the act itself. The best way to do it with him is face to face. Sit on his lap, facing him, with your arms around his neck and your legs cradling him. This position is called 'The Yogi'. While you both move to the sweet rhythm, you can also leave kisses down each other's necks. It's as close as you can get and he'll love it so much! 

taurus sunsign sex position

3. Gemini

Geminis are naturals when it comes to sex and there's nothing these wildlings can't do! With a natural gift of the gab, these men love it when you talk dirty to them. So, going down the dirty route will blow his mind. Interrupt his busy schedule with a blowjob that includes whipped cream and you'll have him eating out of your palm in no time.

4. Cancer

The Cancerian man is all about the emotions. He wants his partner to know that she's loved and valued. For him, nothing does it better than spooning with you. You will be able to cuddle with him while having sex and they can tell you just how much they love you!

5. Leo

If there is one phrase we associate with Leos, it's 'all that jazz'. Nothing the lion does is subtle or understated. So, why would the sex position not be extra as well? Introduce a vibrator into the equation while you're in the doggy position. The fact that he can pleasure you not one, but two ways simultaneously will cause him to erupt with pleasure almost immediately. 

leo sex position

6. Virgo

Meticulous, practical, earthy but secretly very sexual, Virgos are typical Earth signs. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, so let him carry you, too! Ask him to pick you up and prop you against a wall while you two do the deed. Even better if there is no support! This position, called 'The Hanging Garden' will have him begging at your feet!

7. Libra

They may be all about the balance, but once in a while, they like to live on the edge. That's why doing it on the edge of the bed sounds like a great idea with your Libra man. Lie down at the end of the bed and have him kneel on the floor as he takes you. He'll have an uninterrupted access to your body!

8. Scorpio

Oh god, the kings of mystery and passion! They have a kinky side, so introducing handcuffs to the situation may work in your favour! I've got a perfect 50 Shades Of Grey position from you. Have him handcuff your left wrist to your left ankle and right wrist to your right ankle so that your knees are bent and up to your chest. It'll give him such an intimate access to your lady parts that he'll be drunk on the power!

scorpio sex position

9. Sagittarius

Always hunting for adventure and freedom, this sign loves to explore new things like no other. Having Kamasutra in hand for your Sagittarius partner may work wonders. But one position you must try with him is 'The Reverse Cowgirl' where you're on top of him but you're facing away from him. 

10. Capricorn

As practical as they are on the streets, they're equally kinky in the sheets. If there is something freaky, they will try it! Why don't you try a 'wheelbarrow'? I can't explain, it in words so I'm going to link an article! 

11. Aquarius

Experimental, whimsical and creative are the best adjectives for your Aquarius boyfriend. Mutual masturbation may add a fun element to your bedroom games. Add blindfolds to the equation and viola, you have yourself a winner! Both of you lie down on the bed blindfolded and then using your hands, get each other off. Tell me that doesn't sound amazing! 

aquarius sex position

12. Pisces

For the dreamy and sensitive Pisces man, sex is more about the connection than the gratification. Just like the Cancer guy, spooning would do wonders for them. Another position you can totally try is the 'Magic Mountain'. You both fit each other like scissors in the middle of the bed and then both move to the rhythm your body has set!

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