This Brand Is Making Jeans *Inside Out*, And We Don't Know How We Feel About That

This Brand Is Making Jeans *Inside Out*, And We Don't Know How We Feel About That

The fashion world does not disappoint when it comes to weird and outlandish trends. They creep into our everyday lives ever so slyly and soon become our favourite ones of the lot. Remember back in July when we did a story on 'Upside-Down' jeans? No? let us refresh your memory a bit:

And now, another recent launch that's sure to join the ranks of bizarre denim trends are inverted jeans. The Unravel Project on Farfetch are now selling inside-out effect jeans that you need to see to believe:


This pair of jeans costs a whopping 350$, but you can check them out closely right here.

The jeans are designed in a way that the outside looks like the inside, complete with the care label, stitch details and, added mesh hanging out the front. We don't know about you guys, but we are kind of digging this whole situation. Pair this with a white crop top and bomber, and voilà! You are the worst b*tch in that corner of the room!

And this isn't the only item from the seller that will have you falling over yourself trying to figure them out. Also available under the label are styles like:

Reverse Denim Shorts

1 jeans

Available here.

Denim Corset Belts

2 jeans

Available here.

... And Double Denim Skirts

3 jeans

Available here.

Needless to say, the audience reaction has been what you think it should be... completely DONE with the fashion world!

Only time will tell what other crazy denim trends will hit the mainstream market. We shall wait with bated breath to gasp and wonder at them as soon as they are out. Stay tuned!

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