Blush And Glow: Having A Healthy Sex Life Could Do Wonders For Your Skin And Hair!

Blush And Glow: Having A Healthy Sex Life Could Do Wonders For Your Skin And Hair!

Sure, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but ladies, you know what else keeps the doctor away? SEX! Lots of good freakin' sex! Sex helps you keep the love alive, breathe better, boosts your immunity, prevents cancer, strengthens hair and makes your skin look prettier! Come to think of it, sex does come with its share of beauty benefits. Shall we begin?

1. That Glow Though

Girl, you never have to use strobe cream or highlighter when you're doing the deed every day! Getting busy between the sheets helps improve blood circulation and pump more oxygen to the skin. This makes your skin brighter and lips fuller at the same time. 

2. Forever Young

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Age spots? Wrinkles? Fine lines? When you have sex often, you don't have to deal with these skin problems. On the contrary, it increases the production of collagen and gives your skin a natural, flushed look. Look at it like the fountain of youth. 

3. Stronger Nails & Hair

Did you know that sex improves the body's ability to metabolize and absorb nutrients? The moment that happens, vitamins and minerals get absorbed into your hair and nails making them longer, stronger and shinier!

4. Greetings, Sleeping Beauty!

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When you have sex or experience an orgasm, a feel-good hormone called oxytocin floods the brain. This makes you sleepy and your body relaxed. A girl who gets her beauty sleep wakes up to beautiful skin the next day too!

5. It Keeps You Hydrated

It doesn't do the job of water, but it certainly makes your skin moist and nourished. It improves blood circulation and that quality itself contributes to supple, clear skin. 

6. You'll Have Squeaky Clean Pores!

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Sex causes you to sweat, right? It also helps push out the dust, grime and bacteria trapped in your pores. Plus, after a hot and heavy makeup+sweat session, you're bound to get clearer complexion *Wink*

Now that you know the beauty benefits of having sex, you should totally cuddle with your man and give him all your love in bed! 

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