#SabkiRakhi: Team POPxo Talks About The People In Their Lives Who Deserve A Rakhi!

#SabkiRakhi: Team POPxo Talks About The People In Their Lives Who Deserve A Rakhi!

Rakshabandhan celebrates the bond between a brother and sister, where the brother protects his sister from all the evils of the world. But times have changed and we have so many people in our lives who constantly support us, uplift us and protect us from all harm. So this Rakshabandhan, your rakhi shouldn’t be exclusive to just your brother. We asked the POPxo team to share with us, all the people in their lives who deserve a rakhi.

1. My Older Sister

My sister has been looking out for me ever since I can remember. From fights in school to the times she had to fend off for me with my mum, she’s been a constant through and through.

-Manavi Siddhanti, Beauty Editor 

rakhi 01

2. My Amazing BFF

My best friend for sure. I just met her some months ago but she's already become my anchor, porting me to my often-stormy harbour and stopping me from drifting away. From spending just seconds to say yes to watching Hera Pheri to spending hours talking about life and its complexities, she's always been there.

- Nayan, Jr. Branded Content Manager 

3. Brothers In Disguise

I’ve grown up with one cousin brother who is fifteen years older than me. Other than that, it’s always just been me and my sisters. So if I could, I would tie a rakhi to my two boy besties. They’ve always been there for me when I needed to vent and more importantly when I needed a laugh.  

- Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

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4. My Partner In Crime

My sister is my homie. She’s not only my partner in crime but also my treasure chest. She’s always had my back and I can count on her blindly. She’s my Charades partner, fashion expert, badminton partner and much more. She’s donned all hats in my life to perfection. I have no brother in the family. So, Rakshabandhan has been all about celebrating sisterhood for me.  

- Niyati Budhiraja, Lifestyle Writer

5. Mommy Dearest 

My mother definitely deserves a Rakhi because she has been my rock, my shield and my ultimate protector! She’s stood up for me in the times no one believed in me and has always seen the best in me. So, if there’s anyone who deserves a Rakhi, it’s my Mama!

-Cathline Chen, Lifestyle Writer

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So who is your rakhi and rakhi wishes dedicated to this Rakshabandhan? 

Images - Giphy, Instagram

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