I Want To Steal Tamannah's Blouse Design For My Best Friend's Sangeet & This Is Why

I Want To Steal Tamannah's Blouse Design For My Best Friend's Sangeet & This Is Why

We are always on the prowl for new and interesting blouse designs. With tailoring Indian wear becoming a norm with young women who can't always hope to shell out big bucks on designer wear... putting your masterji to work on offbeat designs is the real-girl hack to designer style. There is always a wedding you need to attend around the corner so having a bank of ideas is always a good thing. One such opportunity that has presented itself again is this Tamannaah Bhatia curated look:

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Created by the designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil, there is a lot going on in this red blouse that we can take away to create our own versions of the same. Right off the back, we can't help but admire the half and half look of the blouse:

internal tamannaah

Mixing two big wedding-worthy trends of a classic Kanjeevaram and gold polka dotted design, our mortal souls can totally own the world of un-matched blouse fronts that leave bystanders in an awe. 

With the lehenga in one solid colour, the front of the blouse is an ode to chic colour blocking... a sneak strip of fuschia combined with fiery orange to add character to this already elaborate mix of details. 

Speaking of added details, how beautiful are those one-sided tassels? Adding extra trims to your blouse, whether it's a drawstring at the back, embellishments on the fabric or even multicoloured tassels... this trick is an instant upgrade to any regular blouse design. 

FI Tamannaah

The finishing touches on the blouse are worth noticing too. Bringing the whole thing together is the faux pallu that brings together all the details like a well-crafted story. This extension of the blouse is suggestive of where the designers must have gotten the inspiration for the design... from the archetypal Kajeevaram saree!

internal tamannaah 2

Whether you decide to take notes on all the creative pointers in this blouse or use just one of them, this look is indeed an example of how to take a lehenga to another level of awesomeness. Let us know what was your favourite detail from this fabulous look (even if it's the sneaky sheer back that you thought we might have missed out on!).

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