With Great Superheroes, Come Cool Wallpaper: Wall Decals For The Superfan In You!

With Great Superheroes, Come Cool Wallpaper: Wall Decals For The Superfan In You!

Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Iron Man, Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, Powerpuff Girls... God, there's a long list of superheroes that I've either wanted to be or have wanted to meet! Ranbir Kapoor had the poster of Sanjay Dutt on his wall while growing up and I still have the whole Incredibles family hanging at the back of my room's door. I always found superheroes to be fictional but enlightening. 

They are shown to be one of us, yet special. For instance, Spiderman was not perfect as Peter Parker but he had the courage to choose responsibilities over love. Now, I would want someone as mature and understanding as that on my wall, all the time. I'm sure you superfans would too. So, get ready to give your room a makeover with these awesome wallpaper and stickers of 'supers'. 

1. Wolverine 

1. wolverine wall sticker

Perfect for your gym wall, this Wolverine sticker comes with an encouraging quote from the fighter himself. It is easy to paste and doesn't cause any damage to the original wall.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 299

2. Captain America

2 Captain America superhero wallpaper

Captain America, the first Avenger from the Marvel Comics' sticker is reusable and eco-friendly. It's specially designed keeping in mind the needs of a toddler.  

Buy it here. Price: Rs 799

3. Superman

3 Superhero with a cape

Some superheroes wear a cape and look great! For the lovers of ideal Superman costume, here's a wall sticker that's easy to apply and will look amazing on your living room wall.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 320

4. Incredible Hulk

4 the incredible hulk wall sticker

Power of the Incredible Hulk reaches your game room with this one. The expression itself is worth a million words of courage. If your heart is set on this one, make sure you remove the bubbles while pasting it onto the wall.  

Buy it here. Price: Rs 219

5. 4 in 1 superhero wall sticker

5 4 in 1 superhero sticker

Made with eco-friendly products, this 4-in-1 superhero wallpaper is every super fan's dream. Let the monochrome create the classic impact in your living room while you get inspired Spiderman and his friends.  

Buy it here. Price: Rs 249

6. Spiderman 

6 spiderman wall sticker

Hello Mr. Parker! In our living room at last. Give Spiderman a chance to break the wall of your favourite room. 

Buy it here. Price: Rs 168

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