Tired Of Splurging On A Decent Meal? Here Are 6 Easy Meal Tricks To Help You Save Some Money

Tired Of Splurging On A Decent Meal? Here Are 6 Easy Meal Tricks To Help You Save Some Money

Eating out every day can be a task, not to mention expensive and unhealthy. So after 3 years of living by myself and making mistakes, loads of mistakes, I've jotted down some easy tricks to make food cost-effective and in the process, less tedious. Here are six cheap meal tricks to keep in mind. 

1. Cooking Instead Of Ready To Eat 

Ready to eat and instant meals are expensive when compared to a home-cooked meal. So if I do have the option of cooking something easy and simple, even if that's just eggs and toast, I prefer to do that instead of spending money on a packet of unhealthy instant food. 

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2. Potatoes Will Save You 

Potatoes are super versatile and easy to make. You can bake them, boil them, mash them or fry them! And when taken in moderation, they actually aren't unhealthy. So if I can't think of anything to make, I usually just boil a few potatoes and mash them. Simple and cheap. 

3. Cold Cuts Go A Long Way 

Cold cuts are cheap and can be used in various different ways. So if you are a non-vegetarian, you could stock up on sausages, chicken pepperoni or ham and use it to make a sandwich. I end up using cold cuts in salads or having sausages for breakfast with a side of eggs. 

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4. Stock Up On Products 

Buying products in bulk always turns out to be cheaper, especially the staples I know I'm going to using every day. That usually includes cooking oil, olive oil, butter, cheese, and ketchup and their refills. 

5. Don't Overshop 

Grocery lists are lifesavers. I always write down everything I need before I leave the house, so I'm not tempted at the grocery store to pick up extra food. P.S. Never shop when you're hungry, I learned that the hard way. 

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6. Stop Shopping For Junk Food

Those extra packets of chips are actually burning a hole in your pocket. I decided to stop buying junk food and sodas to be healthier, but in the process realized that I saved around Rs 1,500 in a month. Not a bad decision. 

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