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Sex Tips: What To Do When It's Your Partner's First Time But Not Yours

Sex Tips: What To Do When It's Your Partner's First Time But Not Yours

Sex for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. For you and your partner. While it may be a little awkward for some, others actually get through this time feeling absolutely comfortable and having a great time. If you've been there before and your partner hasn't, then it's absolutely okay too. You want to make it good and worth remembering for him which is why these sexy tips will come in handy. Here are 7 moves and tricks to remember when it's your partners first but not yours.

1. Focus on the foreplay

Just like how you need to warm up before going to the gym, you need to warm up before you get with it. So, needless to say, foreplay is really important when it comes to sex. Focus on some foreplay to turn him on. 

sex moves if its his first time and not yours 1

2. Let him touch you and you do the same

Like we said, taking time is the key to great sex. Take time to feel him up and let him feel you. Take turns to do this until he is super turned on and ready to get slammin'.

3. Focus on the balls

You know the key to turn on a man? You touch his little soldier especially the balls. It's an instant turn on for them. He will experience something ecstatic and will love you for this experience. Even better? Go down on him and tease around his pelvis.

sex moves if its your partners first time and not yours

4. Nibble his ears

This is the most underrated sex move. While you're at it nibble his ears with kisses and light bites. Whisper dirty things to him while you're at it. Instant turn on!

5. Focus on the neck

The neck happens to be an extremely sensitive area. Kissing and breathing heavily around the neck is one of the key ways to turn on your partner. Kiss him and bite him around his neck and let him do the same to you. 

sex moves if its your first time and not his 3

6. Experiment with a position

Since it's his first time, you may not want to experiment much but we suggest you do. Try out something that is not the usual. A different position which might turn out to be your partner's favourite!

7. Let him take control

Guys like it when girls take control but they love it when you let them do what they like. It's his first time so let him take some control and do what he likes. Let him feel comfortable and experience this blissful moment!

sex moves if its your parners first time nd not yours 7

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Published on Aug 9, 2018
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