Sex Special: How To Have Fun If It's The First Time For You Or Him

Sex Special: How To Have Fun If It's The First Time For You Or Him

Sex for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. For you and your partner. While it may be a little awkward for some, others actually get through this time feeling absolutely comfortable and having a great time. If you've been there before and your partner hasn't, or vice versa, then it's absolutely okay. You want to make it worth remembering for both of you and these sexy tips will come in handy.

Here are seven moves and tricks to remember when it's the first time in bed for either of you. To make it all a little easier, we've added a few sex positions too that'll make fun for you both.

Tips To Make First Time Sex Easier

1. Focus On The Foreplay

Just like how you need to warm up before going to the gym, you need to warm up before you get with it. So needless to say, foreplay is really important when it comes to sex. Focus on foreplay to turn on both of you. After all, foreplay works wonders for a woman!

sex moves if its his first time and not yours 1

2. Touch Each Other

Like we said, taking time is the key to great sex. Take time to feel him up and let him feel you. Take turns to do this until both of you are super turned on and ready to get slammin'.

3. A Little Mouth Action

You know the key to turn on a man? You touch his little soldier, especially the balls. It's an instant turn on for them. He will experience something ecstatic and will appreciate you more for this experience. Even better? Go down on him and tease around his pelvis. Let him go down on you as well. Not only is it extremely pleasurable, it is super fun as well! 

4. Ears Are An Erotic Zone Too

This is the most underrated most underrated sex move move. While you're at it, nibble his ears with kisses and light bites his ears with kisses and light bites. Whisper dirty things to him while you're at it. Instant turn on!

sex moves if its your first time and not his 3

5. Focus On The Neck

The neck happens to be an extremely sensitive area. Kissing and breathing heavily around the neck is one of the ways to turn on your partner. Kiss him and bite him around his neck and let him do the same to you. 

6. Experiment With Position

Since it's the first time for one of you, you may be a little hesitant and scared, we suggest you experiment a little. We've listed a few positions that'll make having sex for the first time easier and you should definitely choose one of them.

7. Sort Out The Control Issues

Guys like it when girls take when girls take control, but they love it when you let them do what they like. The thing with control in this case is that it should be with the partner who is having sex for the first time to help them be in their comfort zone.

sex moves if its your parners first time nd not yours 7

Positions That'll Make Having Sex For The First Time A Breeze!

The aim of these sex positions is to make sex for the first time as smooth as possible. The truth is that penetration, for the first time, may feel a little strange and you don't want it to be too intense. While you want it to be memorable, it shouldn't be so in a bad way. 

1. Cowgirl

The favoured position of all first timers, this is a sure-shot hit! The woman has more control so it's a win-win. If you're the first-timer, it'll help you control the penetration and speed and if it's his first time, you can guide him through the process. For this position, the man lies on the bed on his back as the woman straddles him. Once you're comfortable, you can go to town on him!

first time sex positions cowgirl

2. Missionary

This is the most common of them all and it isn't a bad one to get yourself started. The classic man on top has been on everyone's list for a reason, even if it is one of the tamest positions. With the man on top of the woman, with his weight resting on his elbows, the position is on the list because entering this way is the most natural. Also, because you're face to face, there will be a lot of intimate eye contact and passionate kissing. 

3. Planked Doggy Style

Doggy style is an exciting and super passionate position, but it can be a little too intense for the first time. Instead, try a planked doggy style. This may seem like an extreme yoga position, but trust us, it's not. As the woman lies on the bed on her belly (she can always place a couple of cushions under her pelvis for height), the man lies on top of her with his chest on her back and enters her from behind. The whole point of this position is that you can avoid deeper penetration as he enters you from behind. Plus, this position is all about circular motions instead of hard thrusting, making sex more pleasurable and less painful for the first time.

4. Spooning

Since it's your first time together, you'll want to make the whole experience more romantic than erotic. As you two lie side by side, with him hugging you from behind, this is one of the most intimate positions ever. It gives him uninterrupted access to you breasts, neck and lips, so there will be a lot of foreplay during sex.

first time sex positions spooning

5. On The Edge

This position is really good because he does a lot of the work and introduces you to all the sensations. If it's your first time, it'll ease you into the world of lovemaking. As you lie on the edge of a bed, with your legs hanging off the bed (or wrapped around his waist), he can be on his knees as he enters you. It's an extremely relaxing position for women and can be quite fun, too!

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