Going Grocery Shopping? Here Are 7 Simple Ways To Make The Experience Worthwhile

Going Grocery Shopping? Here Are 7 Simple Ways To Make The Experience Worthwhile

Grocery shopping is my favourite part about living by myself. It's so much fun! Until I have to pay the bill, of course. Because I don't usually realise how much that fancy packet of pancake batter costs until I reach the billing counter. However, over a period of time, I have set some ground rules that help me make my grocery shopping experience efficient and you can easily implement them as well. 

1. Never shop hungry 

It may sound strange, but shopping on an empty stomach actually leads to you buying more than necessary. I always eat beforehand to avoid overshopping for snacks and junk food, especially that extra packet of chips I can't seem to get out of my head. 

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2. Always review your cart 

Before you reach the billing counter, second guess everything in it. Review all the products and ask yourself if you actually need it. This exercise helps me save so much money because usually, I don't need almond milk or the most expensive coffee out there. 

3. Check how long it lasts 

Always have a look at the expiration date, I've made that mistake way too many times. Also, if I have a busy week ahead, I don't buy perishable items that might go bad by the time I actually get a chance to cook. 

4. Make a list beforehand

Making a grocery list is underrated. It keeps me in check and is a constant reminder that this is all I need. As a person who is exceptionally forgetful, I keep a notepad on my bedside to write down things as and when they need restocking. 

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5. Keep an eye out for offers 

Most grocery stores offer combos and wholesale prices, if you can download the app of your grocery store or just check for offers at the counter, it helps save a considerable amount of money. Joining a loyalty program at my local grocery store keeps me in the loop about offers and the perks of redeemable points are noteworthy. 

6. Shop early if you can

A lot of grocery stores get their supply of vegetables and fruits early in the morning. So if I have the weekend off, I make sure to reach the grocery store between 12-1pm and buy groceries for the week. 

7. Try getting it done alone

Grocery shopping with someone can be fun, but in the process, I often end up buying more than necessary. Or when my friend recommends, I end up buying something I don't need but would love to try. It's a good idea once in a while, but in most cases, I prefer shopping by myself and staying on track. 

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Happy shopping!

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