Dear Selena Gomez, We'd Jump Through Hoops For Your Favourite Pair Of Earrings

Dear Selena Gomez, We'd Jump Through Hoops For Your Favourite Pair Of Earrings

Celebs have an endless supply of clothes and accessories that they can wear, so it makes perfect sense to spot them in a different outfit every single time. What does surprise us now and again though are the repeats. Celebs, like us, have favourites too and the ultimate girl next door Selena has a classic fav... big hoops!


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The hoop earring trend is bigger than ever. This 90s favourite has been making quite a lot of noise with some of the most fashionable celebrities. From dainty small hoops to gigantic shoulder dusters, hoop earrings differ in their drop. From Rihanna to our very own Sonam Kapoor, hoops are a personal favourite when it comes to many fashionistas. Our eyes are seeking Selena's chunky ones, a pair she wears with almost all of her outfits, regardless of the style!

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So why does she wear hoops all the time? We have a few guesses! Hoop earrings might be an acquired taste but if you're a girl who loves vintage, you've struck gold! Hoops look great with almost all face shapes, with your hair up or down, and they look great no matter what the outfit. 


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You know she takes her hoops seriously when she doesn't even take them off during her downtime:

So, take a page out of Selena's book and get yourself a pair of hoops. You'll thank us, and her, later.

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