A Thousand Miles To Go: 7 Scooties With Amazing Mileage To Make You Unstoppable!

A Thousand Miles To Go: 7 Scooties With Amazing Mileage To Make You Unstoppable!

Do you also get a limited amount of pocket money every month? In that case, I am sure you're not willing to spend it all in getting your scooty refuelled because you gotta save some to pay for the lunch with your date, no? *wink*

Buying a scooty is a one time expense but maintaining it and most importantly getting fuel for its tank for it to run smoothly can sometimes put a dent in your wallet.

In order to save some of that cost, check out this list of the best, most powerful and fuel-efficient scooties in India that'll make your rides smooth and long. Buy wisely!

1. Okinawa Ridge

Best Scooty Mileage 1

Mileage: 90 kmpl

Okinawa Ridge is a contemporary looking scooter with eye-catchy design and style. It has got a superior quality paint and a top speed of 55 kmph. It has the highest mileage and is one of the most promising scooties.

2. TVS Wego

Best Scooty Mileage 3

Mileage: 70 kmpl

TVS Wego is a radical-looking scooter which is powered by a 109cc single cylinder engine. The scooter has an under seat storage of 16 litres and a top speed of 80 kmph.

3. Honda Activa-i

Best Scooty Mileage 4

Mileage: 69.6 kmpl

Activa-i is Honda's first lightweight compact automatic scooter that comes with a sleek and modern design. It's 110 cc engine is quite refined and can offer a maximum speed up to 83 kmph.

4. TVS Scooty Pep Plus

Best Scooty Mileage 2

Mileage: 68 kmpl

The TVS Scooty Pep Plus was designed to set new standards in style, comfort and convenience. It is performance oriented and has a top speed of 74 kmph.

5. Yamaha Ray ZR

Best Scooty Mileage 5

Mileage: 66 kmpl

The Yamaha Ray ZR has a bold design which is reflected by its aggressive lines, making it a hit amongst youngsters. It has a 113 cc single-cylinder petrol engine which can give a top speed of 86 kmph.

6. Hero Duet

Best Scooty Mileage 6

Mileage: 63.8 kmpl

Hero Duet features a metal body with an elegant and dynamic shape which makes it look attractive. The Duet gets its power and performance from 110.9 cc engine and offers a top speed of 85 kmph.

7. Mahindra Gusto

Best Scooty Mileage 7

Mileage: 63 kmpl

The Mahindra Gusto is a super stylish scooty that can appeal to all types of customers. With a top speed of 80 kmph and the certified mileage of 63 kmpl, it is a super fun ride.

So, which one are you willing to invest in? We would love to know!

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