8 Qualities That Make Your Boyfriend A Keeper - Marry Him!

8 Qualities That Make Your Boyfriend A Keeper - Marry Him!

Love is that one thing that keeps us going when the going gets tough. It’s the reason we wake up every morning and it’s the reason we go to sleep with a smile at night. That love obviously comes to us in many forms and one of them is your boo, baby, bae or whatever you like to call him.

Being the hopeless Bollywood romantics that we all are, we try to look for ‘the one’ as we find love. However, it’s not always easy. We have to go through many frogs to find the prince. But worry not, here are eight qualities that make your boyfriend husband material. So, check and see if your baby boo passes the test:

1. He’s trustworthy

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Trust isn’t something that can be forced, it’s organic, special and works both ways. You don’t want to be doubted and neither does he. If you’re going for a night out with your friends or he is hanging out with his guys then that’s exactly what you’re doing.

2. His notions of family and future align with yours

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Don’t settle for a man who hates kids and marriage when that’s something you really want. These kinds of major differences on how you see your lives, in the long run, can make you both resent each other and that’s something no one wants. If you both aren’t looking to have kids or start a family, then perfect. But don’t compromise on it if you do!

3. He truly loves you and your quirks

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The honeymoon phase of every relationship ends and when it does, real life kicks in. 'The One' for you will love you for your good, bad, moody, PMSing, adorable self.

4. He inspires the best in you

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A healthy relationship is defined by how two people are with each other. Your future hubby should constantly be pushing you to be better and stronger instead of bringing you down.

5. He’s good at handling finances

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Guys, reality check, money is important. We won’t say that only the man needs to handle finances, you both do. Together you need to plan a whole life and money is important for that. Make sure you guys are on the same page on where to splurge and where to save.

6. He also needs to be worthy of the BFF title

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Yep, you’ll still have your besties but future husband would need to take on the roll sometimes, make sure he’s worth it. You should be able to be open, raw and stupid in front of him and share the innermost secrets of your heart, and voila match made in heaven!

7. He knows how to make you laugh

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Life will get tougher as you grow older but what’ll make it better will be a good ol' laugh with your bae. He should know how to get that smile on your face at all times. After all, happiness is the most important thing right?!

8. He sees the magic in you

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This is probably the most important quality that he should have - to see the magic in you even when you don’t see it in yourself. When you’re feeling low and your confidence has taken a hit, he’ll be right there to remind you just how much of a diva you are.

So girl, did he pass or not?! If he did, hold his hand and never let go!

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