Priyanka Chopra Wears The *Pants* In Every Relationship & Her Outfit Is Proof!

Priyanka Chopra Wears The *Pants* In Every Relationship & Her Outfit Is Proof!

There's a lot PeeCee has to be thankful for, right now. Her Bollywood AND Hollywood career, Nick Jonas and, of course, her wardrobe. It's a sure shot goldmine and you know it. Every time the actress is spotted, there's another outfit we want doing rounds of social media. 

Oh, well. If you can't join 'em, just stalk 'em. Which brings us to Priyanka Chopra's outfit yesterday...

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At first glance, it's just a regular black and white combination. A classic white, shirt worn with black pants. What's so special about that, you ask? 

ICYMI, this shirt is a Sergio Hudson button-down with statement sleeves that are fluffier than the monsoon clouds. It's not 'regular'. No. Uh-uh. Her chic Louboutin pumps are classics and she also has super glam hoops on! 

The part of this outfit that we love AND feel inspired to be more outgoing with our outfits, though, is the pair of black bottoms Priyanka is wearing with the shirt. These are no ordinary pants, as you might have already noticed. 

Aren't you glad Ami Patel, the stylist behind Priyanka Chopra's monochrome look, introduced these Hellessy cape style pants to the world? These designer bottoms are high-waisted and tapered at the hem, making PeeCee's curves look so good, Ami called her 'Priyonce'! 

While the tailored pants whisper 'poise', the billowy trail attached to the back of the bottoms scream 'drama!'. Like they say, it's business up front, party in the back. It's no surprise PeeCee pulled this look off, though. She nails the trickiest looks with such ease. Exhibit A -


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And B -

According to us, Priyanka does wear the pants in THIS relationship. Speaking of relationships... good for you, Nick! After all, wouldn't you want a girl who can do both? 

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