Moving In With Your Partner? 9 Simple Rules To Keep The Spark Alive!

Moving In With Your Partner? 9 Simple Rules To Keep The Spark Alive!

Moving in with your partner? Congratulations! This is a huge step in a relationship. Doesn't matter if you're dating or getting married, if you're going to be living with your partner, a lot is about to change. Trust me, before you take this huge step, it's best to set a few ground rules so this process doesn't lead to misunderstandings in the long run and keeps the spark in your relationship alive. 

1. Split the responsibilities 

The house belongs to both of you now, so have fun with the responsibilities. Split the chores between the two of you or do them together as a part of a bonding exercise. From doing the dishes to paying the bills, it wouldn't be a burden if you balance each other out.  

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2. Set it up together 

This is one of the most fun activities of moving in together! Picking out curtains, cushion covers, and the cutlery is a great way to create excitement around the decision. If the house belongs to either one of you and has all the basics, shopping for little things will make the other one feel more comfortable with the change. 

3. Cook for each other 

Not only does this make your partner feel loved and help keep the spark alive, it is a core part of being an adult and living by yourself. I cook all the time for friends who visit and cooking for that special someone would be a wonderful experience. 

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4. Communicate the complaints 

Never cut out the communication from any relationship, let alone when the both of you are living together. Talk about things that bother you, from the fact that he leaves damp towels on the bed to her taking up all the space in the closet. These conversations are so simple and I usually end up laughing about them. 

5. Keep things clean 

This is so important! Bachelor pads can be messy, but when you're living with someone certain things need to change. When I first moved in with my roommate, she couldn't stand my heap of clothes in the corner and I developed a really good habit of cleaning up regularly. Win-win situation. 

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6. Be open to change

There can be a lot of changes you need to get used to when you move in with a new person and it can get a bit messy. What if you both sleep on the same side of the bed? Well, instead of fighting about it, why don't you just cuddle! 

7. Set bathroom rules 

Putting the seat down is not optional, flushing isn't optional and sharing hooks at the back of the door is mandatory. Bathroom rules are super important, especially if you're going to be living with a boy... ahem ahem. 

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8. Establish some alone time

Just because your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to be living with you does not mean you don't do anything for yourself anymore. It is very healthy to take out some alone time to take a bubble bath or just read a book.   

9. Don't forget the romance 

Once you move in, it is very easy for romance to take the back seat. But don't forget to make little gestures that keep the spark alive. From leaving love notes on the fridge to bringing in flowers after work, little things matter. 

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