Planning A Summer Wedding? These Pineapple Centerpieces Are Just The Right Tropical Vibe You Need

Planning A Summer Wedding? These Pineapple Centerpieces Are Just The Right Tropical Vibe You Need

We all love pineapples. Who doesn't, right? But would you take your love for pineapples to a whole new level and add them your wedding decor? Yes, we were as surprised as you, when we came across these amazing pineapple centrepieces on Instagram. Pineapple decor at weddings is a thing NOW! And we ain't complaining at all. It adds the perfect fun tropical vibes to your wedding decor. Check out some of these super cool pineapple centerpieces we spotted on Instagram. Trust us, you’ll LOVE these ideas.

1. Keep it simple

For those who want to keep it simple and not go overboard here's how to style it. Just place one pineapple at the centre and voila, you are done! The best part? It doesn't require any extra effort.

2. Just gold

Grab some gold paint and get all the more creative. We bet these gold-toned pineapples will just steal the show. Perfect DIY centerpiece for a reception or cocktail party. Try it!

3. Add a floral touch

With a little bunch of fresh flowers, and some vibrant lights, this will give you the perfect tablescape. If done well, the decor would double the aura of the evening and make it look picture perfect.

4. Some chocolates, please!

This pineapple might just be too pretty to eat but this would WOW your guests for sure. Who doesn't like chocolates? This unique idea of pasting Ferrero Rocher chocolates is a great idea for a sweet tooth like me.

5. A few strands of Baby's Breath  

Baby's breath is a universal favourite flower at weddings! They are currently the most versatile element of wedding decor. To make sure that your shaadi decor is on point, how about you combine a few strands of baby's breath with fresh pineapples? It will immediately catch everybody's attention.  

6. Add a little sparkle to it

How about adding some dhamaaka to your wedding through these tiny pineapple centrepieces? If you're a DIY girl, here's some serious inspo for you. All you need to do is paint the entire pineapple in shades of red, white, blue or any colour that goes with the theme of the wedding. Stick some sparklers on top of each pineapple. Light them up and get ready to be on everyone's Instagram. 

7. Lavender tones

Do you love lavender as much as we do? Look at these beautifully decked up lavender flowers and macaroons around a pineapple. The perfect colour and drama you need for a day wedding.

Can any centrepiece decor get better than this? We doubt it!

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