Safe Is Sexy! 8 Helmets To Make A Style Statement On The Road

Safe Is Sexy! 8 Helmets To Make A Style Statement On The Road

Wearing a helmet, when you're riding a bike, is a necessity - but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring. Gone are the days when helmets came in shades of black and in a shape that can only be described as 'bulky'. These days, you can stay safe and look cute at the same time! We decided to handpick 9 adorable helmets that turn protection into a style statement. 

1. Sturdy & Cute

01 helmet

A lightweight helmet that comes in a range of colours for you to pick from, including red, yellow, purple and pink. Our vote is on this gorgeous turquoise hue.

Price: Rs 1,225. Buy it here

2. The Vintage Look

02 helmet

For the girl who loves black - here's a durable front open helmet that can withstand heavy impact. It is made of sturdy polycarbonate and comes with a scratch resistant visor!

Price: Rs 644. Buy it here

3. Fancy & Sassy

03 helmet

Can you imagine riding a cute AF Vespa in this? The helmet is scratch-resistant and comes with an adjustable chin-strap for a smoother experience. 

Price: Rs 729. Buy it here



4. A Ray Of Sunshine

05 helmet

Carry around your sunshine with this scratch-resistant helmet that comes with a comfortable foam interior. 

Price: Rs 920. Buy it here

5. Pretty In Pink

06 helmet

A snug half helmet that provides better protection, as it fits closer to the skull. It also comes in 3 sizes so you can choose better. 

Price: Rs 449. Buy it here

6. Pristine White

07 helmet

This one is for the long run, it comes with spare visors, removable and replaceable liners that make it easy to wash and maintain.  

Price: Rs 1,150. Buy it here

7. Funky Monkey

08 helmet 

For the quirky girl who needs her share of protection. It also has a removable visor and ventilation to keep you cool during those hot summer days. 

Price: Rs 1,036. Buy it here

8. Pastel Perfection

09 helmet

The cutest one on the list! The fact that it comes with removable cheek pads, keeping the weather in mind, is just an amazing perk. 

Price: Rs 800. Buy it here

Time to get safe & shopping, ladies! 

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