Oye, Lil Mermaid! Here Are 7 Must-Have Marine Themed Beauty Products

Oye, Lil Mermaid! Here Are 7 Must-Have Marine Themed Beauty Products

Don't you just love the ocean? I do too! In fact, I find my peace and calm by the beach. Salty air, golden sand and colourful seashells - life's good by the sea. When I miss my beach-bum days, I simply walk into my bathroom and pamper my skin and face using these marine-themed beauty products. Holding any of these babies instantly brings back memories of the fun times I had on the beach. If you're a little mermaid yourself, then you totally must bring home any of beauty products. 

1. Pascucci Pearl Good Face Eco Mask Sheet

1 ocean

Has your skin lost its glow? No worries! This pearly sheet mask will do your skin just right. Slap it on, put on your TV show and chill out. After 25-30 minutes, you'll have the prettiest skin ever!

Price: Rs 125. Buy it here

2. The Body Shop Deep Cleansing Seaweed Gel Wash

2 ocean

I have combination skin and this seaweed gel wash is the best product I've ever bought. It cleanses my skin like a pro, makes it glow and removes makeup residue, excess oil and impurities. 

Price: Rs 795. Buy it here

3. I Heart Revolution Mermaid's Heart Highlighter

3 ocean

The heart of the mermaid is literally in your palms! Doesn't that sound dreamy or what? This highlighter looks so pretty and the product is super pigmented. Plus, it comes in a cutesy heart-shaped box!

Price: Rs 1,050. Buy it here

4. The Body Care Marine Hand & Foot Cream Marine

4 ocean

Who wouldn't want their feet to be all soft and pretty when they walk on the beach, right? In fact, this hand and foot cream will keep your skin smooth, moisturised and nourished. 

Price: Rs 400. Buy it here

5. Thalgo Hydra-Marine 24H Cream

5 ocean

Humid and dry weather can make your skin look haggard and dry. That's why you need this lovely cream in your life. It'll make it soft, glowy and hydrated. You've got to try it to believe it. 

Price: Rs 3,340. Buy it here


6. Nyassa Under The Ocean Bath Salts

6 ocean

This product will remind you of the ocean each time you soak yourself in a tub full of salt-flavoured bath salts. Trust me, it's your right to feel pampered and relaxed.  

Price: Rs 400. Buy it here

7. MagiDeal Mermaid Makeup Brushes Kit 

7 ocean

Don't these makeup brushes look so pretty? They're shaped like mermaid tails and are super chic to carry when you're on vacay. 

Price: Rs 847. Buy it here

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