6 Pieces Of Marriage Advice That You Need To Throw Out Of The Window RN!

6 Pieces Of Marriage Advice That You Need To Throw Out Of The Window RN!

Weddings and free advices go hand in hand, quite literally! 'To sustain a good marriage you need to learn how to compromise,' is probably the most common advice you would ever get to hear from your relatives and guests after you tie the knot. While there are some pieces of advice you should pay heed to, there are a few others you need to unlearn ASAP after your wedding. Read on to find what they are.

1. Ab tum paraya dhan ho!

Let's start with the biggest cliché. Beti tum ab paraya dhan ho - that's the favourite line for the old aunties and relatives who gather around you during your vidaai. They make it a point to make you realise that you don't belong to your father's house and it's your in-laws where your real home is. They won't understand probably, but your maiden home will always be yours, no matter what!

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2. Treat your husband like a Devta!

This does sound funny! No, I am not bringing in feminism here. Absolutely, not! But wait, why do we need to worship our husbands? Respect yes, but no human beings should be worshipped. Especially in a marriage which is supposed to be a bond between equals.

3. Impress everybody with your cooking skills!

Ladies, you can obviously have your signature dish, but you certainly don't have to be a master chef. Just because you don't know how to cook doesn't mean you will be a bad daughter-in-law or wife!

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4. Be an ideal wife!

What exactly is ideal? Who defines it? People don't advice you to be yourself. Nobody tells you to make mistakes and then learn from them. That's how you evolve as a person as well as in your relationship. So, you don't have to be ideal, you just have to be honest and try to be the best version of yourself. 

5. Issues with your husband? One solution - Have a baby!

I wonder how a newborn baby who hasn't seen the world yet, can fix a dimming relationship? It's insane to even try and understand that logic. How would you even be able to take care of a kid if your relationship is hitting rock bottom? Don't let this constant pressure to start a family affect you by any means. Plan a baby when you want to. It's definitely not a solution to your issues. It will only add on to your problems if you are not ready for it.

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6. Going to bed angry is bad

Ladies, it's okay to take some time off. It lets you understand your issues and problems a lot more than solving it right away. This approach usually creates more problems rather than solving them.

So, now you know the certain pieces of advice that you definitely don't need to pay heed to after your wedding. It's okay, you can thank me later.

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