Just Do It! 12 Surprising Reasons You *Need* To Have Sex Every Day

Just Do It! 12 Surprising Reasons You *Need* To Have Sex Every Day

When Beyonce sang 'We be all night' countless times in one song, she wasn't drunk on just love, guys. It was good ol' sex. Even Queen Bey can't deny the power of exercising in the bedroom (kudos to Jay Z for keeping her satisfied).

Jumping bones. Humping. Banging. Doing the deed. There a million different names it goes by, but there's one thing that applies no matter how you refer to it - it's good. Hold up, no, it's great. And I don't mean for the most obvious reasons either. The most obvious... how a mere seven minutes (10 if you're lucky) can make your body shake with pleasure.

Yes, for those who've experienced orgasms and do so regularly - not all of us have the good fortune to, amirite - it is the biggest reason you have probably ever needed to get into someone's pants. However, there are plenty of lesser-known benefits of having sex that should make you want to do it more, more, more. 

1. Helps you tell the treadmill 'boy, bye' 

1 benefits of sex

Thirty minutes of sexual activity burns about 100 calories. Did you know that? But like with exercise, the benefits are higher with consistency. You might also want to contribute more to the whole thing and try positions other than missionary if you know what I mean. Get to work.

2. You never ever have to say 'Aunty mat kaho na' 

While you're ahhhhhing away to glory, your body produces estrogen which makes your skin plumper and smooths out fine lines. The more you do the deed, the younger your skin starts looking and feeling. This tip is especially useful during or when you're approaching menopause.

3. Your period can't *cramp* your style anymore

3 benefits of sex

Many women claim that having sex gives them relief from those menstrual cramps that visit once a month. A theory is that the muscle contraction from peak levels of excitement during sex relieve tension in your uterus muscles. Time to give period sex a try, maybe?

4. An orgasm a day keeps blood pressure okay 

Isn't it funny that 'coming' helps your hypertension leave? A Scottish study claims that women who have sex handle stress and anxiety better and maintain lower blood pressure than those who abstain.

5. Make your bladder happy

5 benefits of sex

If you tell me you haven't peed in your pants accidentally during a laughter fit or with a big sneeze, you're lying. It gets worse after a pregnancy and during menopause. Thank God that sex is a great workout for your pelvic floor muscles, no? 

6. Beyonce, who? 

You don't need surveys to tell you that having sex helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Need a boost of confidence? Make time to get down and dirty with your man.

7. Boning makes your bones stronger

7 benefits of sex

A good banging sesh isn't only pleasurable for you, it is also good for your bones. Your bones start thinning when there is a lack of estrogen in your body. Sex produces estrogen during and even after the act.

8. Sex will bring all the boys to your yard

You know what attracts you to the opposite sex? Hormones called pheromones. The more regularly you have sex, the more attractive you are to your boyfriend or if you're single, the cute neighbour next door. 

9. Sweet dreams, insomnia!

9 benefits of sex

You know how he falls asleep so quickly after sex? Don't be too hard on him. The oxytocin or 'happy' hormones that course through your body on orgasming make you feel relaxed and sleepy. 

10. Penis over painkillers 

The key to blocking pain is in your vagina. Not kidding! Sex and other forms of vaginal stimulation help raise the pain threshold in your body. Leg pain, chronic back pain... even common headaches. Try an orgasm instead of popping a Disprin the next time your head hurts. 

11. F**k the flu away

11 benefits of sex

Having sex even once or twice a week increases the production of flu-fighting antibodies, called immunoglobulin A or IgA, in your body. You wouldn't want to let a common cold bring your fierceness down, now, would you?

12. Boosts your libido

Want a more lively sex life? Have sex. For women, sex starts feeling better the more you have it, and hence, makes you want it more. It increases vaginal blood flow, lubrication and elasticity - duh, of course, sex feels better. Also, now that you know how great sex is, you wouldn't ever want to stop, would you? 

Sex is one precaution that is DEFINITELY better than cure, right? If you're sexting your significant other right now, I don't blame you.

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