If You're Madly In Love With Your Guy But He Still Can't Make You Orgasm, Read THIS!

If You're Madly In Love With Your Guy But He Still Can't Make You Orgasm, Read THIS!

Love is a complicated game. A lot of things go into making a relationship successful and anybody who says otherwise is lying. While an emotional connection with your partner can take your relationship to a deeper level, a physical connection adds another dimension to it, one that is just as important.

So, what do you do if you're deeply in love with a man but you're not satisfied sexually? If you can't orgasm in bed with the man you love and plan to spend your life with him, it can prove to be a bone of contention in your happy life. Ahead, we're trying to find a solution to this problem, so read on!

1. Have you talked about it?

First things first, have you even addressed the issue with him? Does he know that you aren't reaching the place you want to? While this could be due to many reasons like stress or performance anxiety, it is possible that his methods may not be doing anything for you. If he's a supportive boyfriend who places as much importance on your pleasure as he does on his, he'll hear you out patiently and work with you!

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2. Explore your own body first

Do you masturbate? If you haven't explored your own body and don't know what works for you and what doesn't float your boat, how will you tell him? Order that vibrator online and get down and dirty with yourself!

3. Remember, his touch is something you've craved

This isn't always the case but having a traumatic sexual past may set you up for a bad experience with a current partner. Remind yourself constantly that you've craved his touch and this is the man you love. Say his name out loud, look deep into your eyes and ease yourself into the situation. It'll help you relax and break the no-orgasm cycle.

4. Break that routine

Are you doing the same things over and over again? People who do the same things expecting different results are kidding themselves. Try something new, play out the scenario in your mind and the results may really surprise you. 

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5. Are there any deeper issues you aren't addressing?

Sometimes our issues with sex are not physical but mental. We've been conditioned to believe that our pleasure, as women, is secondary and (maybe even) forbidden! So, are you feeling guilty getting yourself off? Is there a deeper issue that you need to address before you get in bed and set expectations? Find out!

6. Fantasise, fantasise, fantasise!

Tricking your brain is the biggest secret to winning at life! Do you know there are actually women who can orgasm just by fantasising? What if you're one of them? Plan out a fantasy in your head before getting down with him. And don't you exclude him from the fantasy, instead give him the lead role!

7. Just let go!

The journey is always much better than the destination. So, get out of your head, stop focussing on orgasm the whole time and just enjoy the process. The wonders that it'll do is amazing!

3 sex orgasm man boyfriend

If nothing is working out for you, it's time to see a therapist and take professional help. Talk to your partner about seeing a professional and give yourself a chance to make things better.

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