This Year, I'm Tying My Sister A Rakhi 'Coz She's The Best Bro I Could Have Asked For!

This Year, I'm Tying My Sister A Rakhi 'Coz She's The Best Bro I Could Have Asked For!

To my Homie, my love, my elder looking younger sister,

Let's go down the memory lane,
When a little angel filled colour in my life so plain,
And became the best part of my childhood,
Helped me work towards the greater good,
I want to thank you for the unconditional love and care,
And hugging me tight when I got a nightmare,
Thank you for being the best sister and the best mate,
And completing our family portrait.

My sister and I are thick as thieves. From being my charades and dance partner to fashion expert, she has donned all hats in my life to perfection. I can call her up at any hour to share my terrific or terrible tales and I know her reactions will be epic as ever.

I have no brother in my family. Rakshabandhan for me is tying a chandi Rakhi to my sister, sending happy Raksha Bandhan messages for celebrating sisterhood. And trust me, I have a plenty of reasons to say that she's the best bro I could've asked for. Read on to know a few of them!

1. She's My Advocate

For all the times I couldn't explain myself well, she was my voice. When my parents were sceptical about sending me for sleepovers, she convinced them to let me go and let me be. Whenever I was out with friends and my parents were constantly asking her where was I, she told them I was in the metro and had no network. She's always got my back and I can blindly count on her for any and everything. She's always handled every situation for me. It's like I am the mess and she's the mop!

Sisters 1

2. She Scares Away Creepy Boys

My sister and I are more like best friends. From crushes to boyfriends, we talk and gossip about it all. I recall this one time a guy was really into me. He, my sister and I were talking on a conference call. She asked him to give her his digits. To which he said, "Haaye! Meri Saali!" And my sister went savage on him by saying, "When you're out of the picture, I should at least know which phone number to block!"

3. She's My Treasure Chest And Partner In Crime

My sister is like my personal diary where all my secrets are written in invisible ink. Only I can revisit them with my special UV ray flashlight. My life wouldn't have been half as exciting as it is now if I didn't have her to share my stories with. This one time I had bought a bouquet to gift to my crush the next morning and I didn't know where to hide it from my mom. She put it in the vase in the living room telling mom that she got those to decorate the house. That way they stayed fresh the whole night and no one got to know.

Sisters 3

4. She Never Judges Me

My sister will row my boat in the right direction or anchor it if she sees me struggling with waves in the sea but never question me about why I got on the boat in the first place. One time I had a fight with a friend and he blocked me. I walked up to my sister in angst and said, "No one wants to stick around, you should also go." To which she replied, "I am Team Niyati. For men may come and men may go but I go on forever." 

5. She Knows How To Cheer Me Up When I Am Low

Be it ordering my favourite desserts or showering me with untimely gifts, my sister has always walked an extra mile to make me smile. She knows how to light up my mood. and not just that, she's always motivated me when I'm scared to do something. I had an MBA entrance exam and I was so nervous about it. It was an objective type paper and I couldn't help but think about what if I goof up. Right before I walked into the examination hall, my sister hugged me and whispered in my ear, "When in doubt, tick option C." And what do I say, I am a post-graduate!

Sisters 5

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