Trend Alert: Hydrate Your Face With Makeup. *No H2O Needed*

Trend Alert: Hydrate Your Face With Makeup.  *No H2O Needed*

Drinking 8 glasses water is tougher than trying on 8 shades of lipsticks these days. Truth be told, when it comes to getting our daily fill of H2O, we suck at being consistent. We fail to understand how important water is to our skin. Every sip of water contributes to keeping our skin moisturised and hydrated. The good news is that beauty brands like Clinique, Kat Von D, NYX, Dior and many more are now focusing on including more liquid in their products. The kind that won't dry your skin out after application. 

If you haven't moved to liquid makeup yet, now is the time to switch. You see, liquid makeup has fantastic staying power and does not damage your skin. All liquid products are waterproof and hence won't fade away too easily. 

Liquid products also make your makeup look more natural and fresh. Take liquid foundations for example as compared to powdered ones, the variety in liquid shades is more. Plus it does a good job at concealing fine lines and giving skin a luminous finish. 

Here are 5 liquid makeup products to keep an eye out for!

1. Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation with SPF 45 (Rs 598)

2. Nyx Professional Makeup Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter, State of Flux (Rs 699)

3. Lakme Absolute Shine Liquid Eye Liner (Rs 299)

4. Nicka K Radiant Liquid Shadow, Earthly Bronze (Rs 370)

5. Makeup Revolution London Lacquer Heat Vivid Blush (Rs 650)

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