How To Deal With 'We Need To Talk' & Have Other Scary Conversations With Your Partner

How To Deal With 'We Need To Talk' & Have Other Scary Conversations With Your Partner

'We need to talk' - these four words immediately induce fear in the heart of anyone who is in a relationship. Most people have the instinctive reaction to run in the opposite direction when they hear this sentence. But that need not be the case every single time. Your partner has something important to say, and as a loving significant other, you owe them the chance to speak their heart out. 

In a bid to make these confrontations easier, I have made a list of the scariest lines in a relationship and appropriate responses that will help you soothe the conversation. 

1. We Need To Talk

This is the big bomb in any relationship, which is dropped when your partner isn't happy with you or something you did or how things are between you two. The trick here is to be patient and hear your partner out. He or she is really upset and bubbling with frustration over a certain issue. I usually just let my partner say what they have to say and have an honest discussion. No yelling or a screaming match necessary. Patience is the key in this situation. 

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2. I Need Some Space  

This line makes a debut after the two of you have had a fight. Again, give your partner time to cool down. But they might have a point in asking for some time out, so if they need space, give them some to put their thoughts in order. You love them and want what's best for them, don't you? If there is a reason your partner is feeling suffocated in a relationship, you two need to talk about it and find a solution to the problem without hurting each other's feelings. 

3. You've Changed 

This line is subjective in every relationship. And it is possible that you have really changed as people grow and learn over time. Change is a part of the process and isn't necessarily a bad thing. If he can't deal with how fast-paced your change in attitude, job, the city is, then the best way is to ease him into it. Make him an effective part of your daily schedule and give him enough attention to show him that you still love him.

 03 you've changed relationship

4. Do You Still Love Me? 

When my boyfriend asked me this question, I had alarm bells going off in my head. When this question is asked, the person is feeling insecure and unloved, which is a bad situation in any relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is feeling this way, the best way to go is to communicate and spend some quality time together. Rekindle the romance, bring out those candles!

5. Are You Sure About This? 

This is a rhetorical question because in most cases, your partner is not comfortable with the situation when they ask you this. Be upfront and ask them honestly what they mean by it. Passive aggressive conversations can be toxic. 

05 couple relationship

6. I'm Fine 

This never means that your partner is fine. There is always an underlying issue to this response. So talk, because the best way to get rid of misunderstandings is to communicate. Also, never be afraid to apologise if you're wrong. I've learned that saying sorry calms down people and automatically makes room for a meaningful exchange that helps you get to know each other's expectations better. 

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