How To Click The Perfect Selfie Without Spending A Lakh On Your Phone

How To Click The Perfect Selfie Without Spending A Lakh On Your Phone

Let’s rewind to 2003. India was decimated in the Cricket World Cup finals, the Kal Ho Na Ho frenzy was gripping Bollywood fans everywhere and somewhere in the world people were attempting their first selfies. Fifteen years since, the first front-facing camera phone was released and we are still trying to perfect the art of the selfie.

So, how do we do it? More importantly, how do we do it without a phone that slashes into a bulk of our yearly earnings? The trick is to tweak your selfies through these few tips to get great results on a budget!

1. A Good Budget Camera Phone Is A Must

1 Selfie Honor

Instagram-worthy shots are never far away if you have a camera phone you can trust. All you selfie-addicts, look no further than the new Honor 9N. The phone features a 16-megapixel selfie camera that offers perfect selfies in any light conditions. There’s 3D light bending algorithms, a Portrait Mode to identify your face and achieve accurate bokeh effects, as well as gesture controls that take a shot upon your wave. Plus, the dual rear camera setup comes with features such as HDR, time-lapse, and burst mode. Both camera setups support full-HD video recording.

2. Step Into The Light

2 Selfie Honor

As a thumb rule, avoid taking selfies in low light. If you’re looking to click pictures in low light, the new Honor 9N has a selfie feature where you can click selfies without making them look grainy. A well-lit frame will highlight the shape of your face and help you stand out against your surroundings. Experiment with standing behind a light source or in front of it, or play around with a lens flare - anything to get that great selfie. Cool, isn’t it?

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3. Be The Center of Attention

3 Selfie Honor

Here’s a tip you probably didn’t think of. Don’t stray too far from the centre of the frame when taking a selfie solo. Of course, you can shift a little when someone or something else is in the picture. Also, go hands-free with the 9N’s autofocus technology. This helps you focus right without having to tap on the screen because you deserve all attention.

4. Your Phone Needs Some Space

Worried about that double-chin photobombing your selfie? Get a good distance between you and the selfie cam. Extend your arm as much as you can and hold the phone away from you. Also, keep selfie sticks close at hand!

5. The Background Matters

4 Selfie Honor

It has happened once too often, right? You look fabulous in the selfie, only to be stabbed in the back (literally) by what’s behind you. A beautiful backdrop just highlights your features even more. Look for pretty walls or a nice doorway for your next selfie. The Honor 9N also features 3D face contouring, smart and gender beautification, and the ability to change image backgrounds. It’s got your back (literally!).

6. Most importantly - Be Yourself!

Just like the Honor 9N, you are #NoOrdinaryBeauty. All it takes is a little confidence to be yourself - whether you like flaunting that smile or if pouting is more your style. It’ll help to get those priceless pictures you always wanted. After all, you have a part of your ‘self’ in a selfie.


The Honor 9N comes with Honor Notch Full View display and is available at a price of INR 11,999 upwards, exclusively on Flipkart as well as on Honor India’s official store. Set your reminders for 7th August when the next flash sale goes live. What’s more - the 4GB RAM/64GB storage variant is available for INR 13,999 in the flash sale!

*This is a sponsored post for Honor India.