Going Shaadi Shopping? Here’s How To Avoid The Wedding Planning Panics!

Going Shaadi Shopping? Here’s How To Avoid The Wedding Planning Panics!

If you are getting married sometime soon, you have probably started shopping for the wedding already. And while most of us imagine it to be a lot of fun, chances are that it might end up becoming stressful. But don’t worry, take a relaxing deep breath and check out these tips that will help you stay calm and avoid the panic.

1. Plan Way, Way Ahead

Take your time and start early. Getting the budget right, deciding on the perfect wedding dress and picking different outfits does not happen overnight. The earlier you circle down on these things, the easier it gets.

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2. Call In The BFF Squad For Help

When the going gets tough, it’s always a good thing to ring the squad in. Close friends will be your perpetual source of support and will always be there to give second opinions. So don’t hesitate to ask your friends for help.

3. Organisation Is Key

If you are the sort of person who loves making lists, then this is your chance to make lists to your heart’s content. Jot down everything you will need to buy - the clothes, jewellery or accessories. Keep updating the list for new items by maintaining a bridal diary - preferably a digital diary - of pictures, cut-outs and cloth patterns for references.

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4. Seek The Experts

At times turning to the professionals, like Runway Bridal, to help solve those wedding dilemmas is an absolute must. The premium wedding show is back this year to make life easier for all brides-to-be. From outfits for your wedding to the latest trends in fashion, jewellery, accessories and wedding services, there is nothing they haven’t got covered. What’s more, the show will feature signature wedding collection by famous designers like Rohit Bal and Ashish N Soni. Keep your calendars clear on 23rd and 24th August!

5. The Shopping Doesn’t End With You

As the saying goes - it’s never two people getting married, it’s two families getting married. So, it is your job to ensure your family and friends have their outfits in order. Make it fun - set a colour theme or challenge them with quirky ideas that will make dressing for the wedding even more memorable.

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6. Take A Break, You Know You Need It

It’s okay to feel like you want to give up on some days. That’s when you need to have a few handy distractions. Join a yoga class or go on a long drive with friends on the weekend - anything to take your mind off of the planning for a while.

There are no right or wrong ways to plan a wedding. But these small tips will help you make the planning process for your big day less stressful and a lot of fun!

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