From Assam To The World: The Journey Of Hima Das Who Won A Gold For The Country

From Assam To The World: The Journey Of Hima Das Who Won A Gold For The Country

Hima Das became an overnight sensation when she won the title of being the first Indian to win a Gold medal at the World Athletics Championship and now she’s made us proud once again by winning the Silver medal in the 2018 Asian Games. However, the 18-year-old star's journey has just begun but everything wasn't a bed of roses for Hima. From growing up in a rural village in Assam to a world champion now, here’s what this young athlete has been through.

Kandhulimari is a small village near Dhing town happens to be the home of one of India’s fastest sprinter now also known as Dhing Express. She is the daughter of a rice farmer but the only difference between her and anyone else was that Hima had big dreams and the sheer determination of achieving them.

From an early age, she longed to put on the blue Indian jersey and run like the wind. It was almost as if sports was in her blood. She started sprinting and soon realised her love for football. Talking about her early days, her father said, “She was not like a girl. She liked to work like a boy. She played every game in school and clinched either gold or silver medal at every event.”

She was later picked up by football teams to play for them and she would even earn Rs. 400-500 per match. However, she soon realised that in order to make it as a professional she would have to be multi-faceted. Hence, she got back on the track.

Her father, Ranjit is a sports enthusiast as well and was also Hima’s first coach. According to India Today, her father reminisced about her childhood days and said, “She and I would go out for a run every morning. We would wake up at 4 AM every day and went out for long runs. After two weeks, she woke me up even earlier to run even longer distances.”


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The village didn’t have a racing track so the dad-daughter duo would run on the paddy fields. But the young sportswoman would not let this stop her.

That’s not all, the devoted daughter also helped her father in the field. She ploughed the farm, flattened the field and even carried the produce home as she couldn’t see her parents struggling.

The 18-year-old superstar also felt very strongly for social causes. She formed a group with the support of six local friends called 'Mon Jai' which is Assamese for ‘I want to’ or ‘I feel like’ to help those in need.

According to Hindustan Times, her cousin, Joy Das described her as a 'stubborn girl' who refused to heed advice about how she shouldn’t play football with boys. She said, “She even participated when our village women started demolishing local liquor shops. She was a vocal votary for girl education.”


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What a freaking star, right?!

Today, the entire nation is in awe of this girl. She created history in Finland as her 400 m gold made her the first Indian to win a medal on the track. Her timing was 51.46 seconds then and now in the Asian Games, she won the silver for clocking 50.79 seconds.

Talking about the race, Das said, “Bhagna hai, bas (we just have to run). We have to do our best time, so I just run.”

Obviously, the young star still has miles to go and we wish our Dhing Express all the very best for this journey. Keep making us proud, the whole nation is cheering for you!

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