Looking For A Gynae? Keep These Things In Mind To Have A Smoother Pregnancy

Looking For A Gynae? Keep These Things In Mind To Have A Smoother Pregnancy

Finalising the right OB-GYN to help during your pregnancy can be a very difficult and confusing decision, yet a crucial one. You will need someone who can trust completely, someone who has the right amount of experience to guide you through the different phases of pregnancy smoothly.

Read further to find out what one needs to keep in mind when narrowing down on a doctor.

1. Get Recommendations

Start by asking your friends and family for recommendations for tried and tested OB-GYN. Ask them reasons for choosing that gynae and what they most liked and disliked about them. Get on the internet and read reviews about the recommended doctor.

You can also make a list of characteristics that you would like in your chosen OB-GYN such as being knowledgeable, open to discussion about difficult topics, whether the doctors is forthcoming about certain conditions in pregnancy or likes to keep things to him or herself etc.pregnant woman calling her friend

2. Comfort Level

There may be times when as a patient you would have difficult questions to ask. Plus, they will need to examine you all through your pregnancy, so you should be comfortable with your doctor, whether he's a male or female. If you're shy with them or not feeling at ease, it's not a good sign.

3. Experience And Cost

Years of experience in childbirth will help you in preparing for what's to come in the next few months and in fact, over the years. Also, each visit to an OB-GYN will also set you back by anything between Rs 500 to Rs 1,200, so do factor in the cost that will add on while as you visit you doc over nine to 10 months. This is exclusive of the delivery charges that will be added at the time of birth of your baby.


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4. Availability

Is your OB-GYN ready to take some panicky calls from you or does she insist you call only at designated hours? Well, if your answer is yes to the latter, you may want to think again. While we understand that doctors also have a life apart from their patients (as patients we also need to understand what is an emergency so we don’t call them every time the baby moves), but sometimes you need the assurance from your doctor. She or he should be available to you in your hour of need.

5. Affiliated Hospitals

So you have decided on a hospital for its super speciality Neonatal care facilities, however, the Obstetrician does not practice there nor is on the panel of visiting doctors, now what will you do? You can do two things here… one, you could choose a hospital and then narrow down a obstetrician who works there or vice versa..

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6. Accessibility

In case of emergency, the last thing you want is to drive to a hospital that is far away or choose a doctor that will take hours before he or she reaches the hospital. Choose a hospital and an OB-GYN that are easily accessible.

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7. Method Of Delivery  

Sometimes, your birthing plans don’t go as planned. You may have decided on a natural birth but due to the baby being too big, or in breech, your gynae may recommend a last minute C-section. If you are determined to deliver naturally, you will need a doctor who has the will and the required expertise to handle this situation as opposed to someone who will push for a C-Section delivery.

8. Expertise With High-Risk Pregnancies

When you are carrying a high-risk pregnancy, you need to find a doctor who specialises in these conditions. For example, pregnancies in late 30s-40s, mums carrying twins, triplets or quadruplets, mothers suffering from diabetes or thyroid etc will need a doctor who is equipped to handle such situations. They should be able to prepare you and provide your baby the best care or treatment.

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