Here's How To Nail Shraddha's Subtle Twist Side Braid Like A Pro!

Here's How To Nail Shraddha's Subtle Twist Side Braid Like A Pro!

It's no secret that Shraddha Kapoor is the cutie patootie of Bollywood. I love her to bits because she's one actor who isn't afraid to experiment with her beauty looks. One day she's turning heads with that heavy smokey eye makeup and the next day, she goes all monotone. Just like her makeup, he mane goes through the same makeover. Braids, ponytails, topknots - she's tried them all. She recently was spotted in a cutesy twist side braid for the promotions of her film 'Stree' and now I'm super tempted to give this hairstyle a shot. If you are as excited as me, here's how to nail Shraddha's subtle twist side braid like a pro!

Step 1: Flip all your bangs to one side. 

Step 2: Take 1 section and divide it in half and start all the way to the end of your crown. (Remember to go back to loosen and fluff up the twisties after you've completed the first section.)

Step 3: Now that you're done with twisting the bang section, use an elastic band to tie it up. 

Step 4: Take the rest of your hair and sweep it to one side. Excluding the braid, divide the rest of your hair into three sections. 

Step 5: Here comes the important part - place the braid in the middle section of your hair and continue to braid. (You can remove the first elastic band)

Step 6: Once you've reached the end, use an elastic band to secure your braid. A piece of cake, right? It's your turn to try this hairstyle out!

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