Forgot Your Anniversary? Here Are 9 Ways To Make Up For It & Set Things Right!

Forgot Your Anniversary? Here Are 9 Ways To Make Up For It & Set Things Right!

Celebrating your relationship is celebrating your partner and showing them that you care about them. Every year, we all try to do something special on our anniversaries to show them just how much they matter. So, it is only natural for them to be disappointed and angry if you forget this special day. And if you try to reason with them, all hell breaks loose, so you have take another route: make up for it.

This is not the end of your relationship. More importantly, we've got you covered. If you forgot the anniversary this one time, we've got solutions that will help you make up for it with inventive ways. Let this be an exception and mark your calendar!

1. Be Creative While Apologising

You can't say simply say sorry or give them a hug; you need to go out of your way to set things right. Admit it, you've messed up and it's time to think about what they like to eat, drink or even the things that they want to buy. Use that and apologise creatively by sending them a bouquet at their office or a box of chocolate. The more creative, the better.

1 apologize

2. Make Personal Coupons

Coupons for hugs, anyone? No one can deny the fact that coupons are a creative and adorable way to apologise or tell the person you're feel blessed that they are in your life. So, take out your art supplies and get ready to make some. Note: This has to be handmade.

3. Do Something Crazy When They Least Expect It

Go stand outside their house with a boombox and play 'your song' or hold a pluck card saying 'sorry'. Might be a little embarrassing but so romantic, right? 

3. boombox

4. Go On Air To Declare Your Love

Wanna woo your partner? Go on the radio or upload a video of you delcaring your love for them. Remember this is how Ross tried to apologise to Rachel, so take a cue from the best!

5. Dedicate An Entire Weekend To Them!

Since you forgot your actual anniversary, you might as well just dedicate an entire weekend to your partner. Take them away on a spontaneous trip and surprise them with a room decorated with flowers. Open a bottle of Champagne and promise never to do this again!

5. romantic travel

6. Serenade Them!

If you can sing or better play an instrument, you can win them over with a song. Use your skills and light up some candles for them, and as soon as they come home, suprise them by singing their favourite song and tell them how much they mean to you.

7. Get Them (And Yourself) A Countdown Clock!

Your not just bribing them with a gift but also getting yourself a clock that counts down to your next anniversary. It's a smart and funny way to please your partner, and I'm sure they'll laugh right after you show them the clock. 

7 winking baby

8. Create A Memory Book 

Memory books is a lot of hard work and your partner will love this for sure! This will be a timeline of your relationship with all major events: when you met, your first kiss, your first sleepover. It will show them that you do actually remember how you got to be where you are as a couple.

9. Make An Anniversary Video

This one's for the long-distance folks, who might not be able to physically do anything. Dedicate your time to editing all the pictures and putting them together in a video and then post it online for all your friends to say, Awww... We all love a little social media PDA, right?

facen book post 

So, what will you do to make up to your partner? Tell us in comments below.

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