From A Drunken Mistake To Boredom: 5 Men Tell Us Why They Cheated On Their Girlfriends

From A Drunken Mistake To Boredom: 5 Men Tell Us Why They Cheated On Their Girlfriends

According to an infidelity survey by Trustify, 1 person out of every 3 people cheats on their significant other with the stats being higher in men. Yes, men are more likely to cheat, but why? To answer the question, we decided to ask real men why they cheat. What is the motivation behind hurting your significant other? While a few answers were obvious and heard of before, a few came as a surprise, especially the last confession

1. Young & Drunk

"I was young and drunk, definitely a bad combination. It began as a friendship but soon we started hanging out a lot and my girlfriend knew something was up. But she didn't say anything because we were already going through a rough patch and was afraid of making things worse. I, on the other hand, had already ended the relationship in my head. Which is why I didn't mind the idea of kissing someone else the night that I cheated, my relationship was already over and I had nothing to lose." 

- Karan Malhotra, 26 

01 men cheat

2. The Need For Space

"My girlfriend became possessive and insecure that automatically lead her to become clingy and before I knew it, she was always around. Personally, I love the 60-40 ratio, where the girl is more invested than you are. But for the guy, it often becomes suffocating and less attractive and at that point, they just wish they were single. They've been times when I've just approached another girl to get my girlfriend's attention." 

- Abhinav Singha, 28

3. Distance Is Tough 

"Despite everything that happened, I still love my girlfriend. But long distance can take a toll on any relationship. You barely have time for each other and it is difficult to keep that level of interest in your relationship. I know that it doesn't justify but you crave the physical intimacy, especially if the other person has a busy schedule. In my case, I just needed to be with someone who was physically by my side." 

- Jonathan, 23

03 men cheat

4. Fear Of Commitment

"Sometimes you just aren't ready to make a big commitment, but my girlfriend was and that began causing a lot of tension between us. She wants to take a big step, move forward and I was happy just dating and being her boyfriend, without bringing in the big labels and meeting the family.  I guess cheating was just an outlet, I didn't even bother hiding it because I honestly wanted out of the relationship." 

- Ishaan Mittal, 25

5. The Adventure

"Cheating comes with a rush, that sense of adventure. You're getting away with something that you're not supposed to be doing. People shoplift for the same reason and I cheat. The adrenaline rush just makes you feel so powerful, invincible." 

- Rohan Rai, 27

05 men cheat

*Names have been changed

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