7 Fashion Hacks For The Girl Who Is Always Running Late For College

7 Fashion Hacks For The Girl Who Is Always Running Late For College

We have all had those mornings when the alarm clock fails us. If you are like me, then the time between waking up and running to class is shorter than preparing tea. Blow drying our hair and choosing that perfect dress are the least of our concerns. However, those sprint sessions to college do not give you an excuse to turn up as you woke up. So, here are some tips to be fashionable but never fashionably late!

1. Keep things ready a night before

Spend some time the night before to pick a nice outfit that works every time. It just takes five minutes, and you’ll not end up with a messy cupboard the next day. Shirt dresses are a great pick as they make your whole outfit in one go. Win-win!

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2.  Don’t let the pillow be your hairstylist

Tie up your hair in a chic, slightly messy ponytail for an out-of-the-bed look. It’s uncomplicated and works like a charm.

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3. A blot in time, saves nine

The summer struggle is real! You wash your face in the morning, only for it to turn oily and sticky just a few hours later. This is where blotting papers are a life-saver. Keep some napkins or face wipes handy.

4. Simple is beautiful (and saves time!)

Some of the best outfits are some of the simplest and take the least amount of prep. A simple oversized t-shirt or sweat top paired with leggings is comfortable and cool. It’s hard to top that.

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5. That messy-yet-polished hair bun

We know how blurry eyes and a sleepy head interrupt us from getting the perfect hair, especially when there is no time. Just tie your hair in a messy bun and master the ‘undone done’ look.

6. Lipstick to the rescue!

There will be no time for makeup. But you will get those small moments of ‘me time’ right before the first bell or in between classes. That is all the time you need for a quick coat of lipstick. Trust us, it makes a world of difference. Keep a lipstick in your bag at all times.

7. Wrinkles-free options FTW!

Wrinkle-free clothes are really underrated. A cotton- or polyester-blend top or dress is just what you need. They are easily foldable, fit into your bag and save time when you have none. Bye-bye steam press!

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#YouBeYou, even if that makes you sleep in a few extra minutes sometimes. Just follow these hacks and you’ll be good to go!

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