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I Watched 'Vivah' For The First Time In 2018 & Here's Why It Is So Messed Up!

I Watched 'Vivah' For The First Time In 2018 & Here's Why It Is So Messed Up!

Bollywood has given us everything. Iconic dialogues, raunchy item songs, impeccable films and all of it topped with sexism, racism and misogyny. But we still love the movies, don't we?

I recently watched Sooraj Barjatya's Vivah that released in 2006. It stars Shahid Kapoor (Prem), Amrita Rao (Poonam) and our very own perennially sanskaari Alok Nath (Krishnakant) among many other actors.

The film is about a middle-class family where the father Krishnakant (Alok Nath) has a villainous wife and two daughters, one fair skinned (Poonam) and the other dark-skinned (Rajni). Poonam is his adopted daughter (deceased elder brother's daughter) while Rajni is Krishnakant's own. The movie revolves around Poonam's marriage with Prem.

Watching a decade-old movie now can be a different experience altogether. I noticed a lot of things that were so weird. So I decided to list down all that was wrong with Vivah. Read on to know more!

1. Fair Skinned=Beautiful And Dark Skinned=Ignored

Krishnakant has two daughters, one, Poonam, who is his elder brother's daughter and the other Rajni, his own daughter. But he only talks to Poonam who is fair skinned.

Vivah 1

2. If You're Dark Skinned You Must Apply Talcum Powder On Your Face

Rajni's mother keeps applying talcum powder on her face to make her look fairer. Because logic!

3. Fair Child Must Be Married Off First

Poonam and Rajni are almost the same age but Poonam must be married off first only because she's the prettier one.

4. Having A Wife Is More Important Than Having A Job

Prem has recently graduated, doesn't have a job but his father convinces him to get married first because there is an appropriate age to get hitched, job offers can wait.

5. Engagement On The Same Damn Day

Prem and family go to meet the girl for the first time but they carry an engagement ring along. The fastest engagement EVER.

Vivah 5


6. If You're Rich, Nothing Can Make You Creepy

Prem clicked a picture of Poonam without seeking her permission. WOW, no one cares about consent.

7. The Families Get Along Well Despite Their Drastically Opposite Backgrounds

They go for vacations and completely forget about their company and family business.

8. Dinner Is Served For The Men Only

Sexism at its best. Dinner is laid only for the men in the family.

Vivah 9

9. A Framed Photo Of Your Fiance Is Pretty Normal

Poonam has a photo frame with a picture of fiance Prem in her room.

10. Framed Photos Of In-Laws Right After The Engagement Is Equally Normal

Prem has pictures of all his in-laws framed in his room.

11. House On Fire, Save The Bride And Her Lehenga

No one cares about Rajni because she's dark-skinned and not the bride.

12. Hedge Falls On The Head But No Scar On The Face

The burning hedge falls on Poonam but there's not a single scar on her face because that's the USP of the film.

Vivah 13

13. You Can Be Burnt Today But Better Be Fine The Next Day Because It's Your Wedding

All the father, Krishnakant, wants to know is if Poonam will be able to get married the next day and not if she'll survive the injuries. 

15. Doctor Can Dismiss The Idea Of The Wedding 

The doctor says that once someone meets with such a misfortune, their own family disowns them, so the in-laws wouldn't stick around for sure.

16. You Can Alter The Hospital Rules If You Are The Protagonist

Poonam asks the nurse to leave her and Prem alone for two minutes just so they can get married. Because who cares about hospital rules?

17. You Can Perform The Duties Of A Nurse If You Become A Husband

Prem can now do Poonam's dressing because he's the husband. F**k the doctors and their medical degrees.

Vivah 17

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Published on Aug 14, 2018
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