Does The 6-Meals-A-Day Plan *Really* Help You Shed Weight?

Does The 6-Meals-A-Day Plan *Really* Help You Shed Weight?

The more you eat, the more weight you gain? That's the belief set in the minds of many people. You look at someone who is overweight or someone who is rapidly gaining weight and you start thinking that it's probably because that individual is eating a lot. But that's not true.

Mostly, as a part of their healthy diet, people divide their meals into the set of five or six. So, is it the number of meals that help your body lose a few pounds?

An experiment was carried out at the University of Ottawa on a low-calorie diet. The number of meals was divided into the sets of three and six. The difference between the weight lost by the individual who ate three meals and the ones who ate six meals, wasn't much, which confirmed that the type of food you consume makes all the difference.

While processed, GMO and junk foods are responsible for bad health, the process of gaining and losing weight has more to do with your metabolism. If the food you are consuming is unhealthy and is filled with unsaturated fats, it will eventually make your metabolism slow, hence, your body will not be able to digest on time and will start storing the food in form of fat but if your metabolism is fast, you'll lose weight faster. Healthy snacking and nutrition can keep your metabolism humming. 

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However, a higher number of meals is a good idea!

What else matters when you're trying to lose weight? Calories. Keeping a check on calories will do wonders. Dividing the high-calorie food into multiple meals will help with digestion. It keeps your metabolism in action for long, as a result, you feel less hungry.

After about three hours of eating, blood sugar level begins to dip and within four hours your body has already digested what went in. That is why it is suggested you eat something every two hours when on a healthy diet. The longer you wait, more hungry you'll feel. Sudden hunger doesn't do much good in terms of weight loss. That's why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day after a break of 7-8 hours. So divide your meals but also improve the quality of food you're consuming. 

Things to include in your diet: lots of protein and other nutrients you studied about in sixth grade; salad, fruits, soups, veggies, lentils, beans, different grains like quinoa, oats, corn, ragi and so on.

Keep away from: processed and GMO foods.

Excercise tip: more muscles can help you lose more weight, so reduce cardio and increase the focus on muscular exercises.

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