The Sex Position Couples & Sexperts Cannot Get Enough Of!

The Sex Position Couples & Sexperts Cannot Get Enough Of!

The thing about sex is that it requires constant experimenting. While too much of a good thing is never bad, it can get monotonous. That's why couples are constantly trying new things in the bedroom - from positions to props to kinks. And just like any other thing, the popular (and good) positions are passed on from one person to another through word of mouth. After all, don't you tell your best friend the thing that blew your mind last night in bed? I know my friends and I do!

The latest sex position that is catching on is 'The Lotus'. What is it you ask? Wait, let me explain. 

lotus sex position

In this typical girl-on-top position, the woman sits on top of the guy, straddling him, with her legs wrapped around his waist. The guy can choose to stretch his legs or cross them too. Since you're sitting face to face, you can always indulge in some passionate kissing to turn up the heat. 

This sex position dials the intimacy quotient way up. You'll feel closer to each other than any other sex position, turning this experience into a sensual and heated love-making session. Moreover, the clitoral stimulation that the woman will receive from close body contact will heighten your pleasure even more!

lotus sex position 2

A quick tip to nail this position is for the woman to move slowly and sensually rather than have the man thrust. Due to his position, his movement will be limited and so the woman will have to take the lead. And while you're at it, lean a little backward so that he has easy access to your sensitive spots like your neck, shoulder and boobs. It'll also help stimulate your G-spot and you can ride him right into Orgasm City! *wink*

Excited to jump into bed to try it out? We know you are! *Wink*

Images: Giphy, Shutterstock

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