In Today's Shameful News, CBSE Textbook Calls Modern Girls Self-Centered & Fashion Obsessed!

In Today's Shameful News, CBSE Textbook Calls Modern Girls Self-Centered & Fashion Obsessed!

If you ask me what it means to be a modern girl, I’d say she is absolutely anything she wants to be, no restrictions, just free to *be*. But obviously, my definition gravely differs from what CBSE textbooks think of the same.

“The girl in the modern age is generally very smart, intelligent, conscious and fashionable. She is always imitating the male in fashion, ambition and professional endeavours”, says this book made to educate school children.

Nope, I’m not reciting some manuscript from the 19th century, this is actually a compilation of essays meant for CBSE and ICSE students. Shockingly, the collection of essays was first published in 2013 and later even revised in 2015. This particular one called ‘The Modern Girl’ has been authored by Purabi Chakrabarty and there’s just a single way I would describe it - absurd.

“It is true that the modern girl is more conscious about her health and her figure. She always tries to keep herself fit and beautiful. For this, she uses many costly fashionable beauty products. She has no time to look after the needs of the other members of her family.”


Yeah, so ladies if you’re into working out and eating right, it’s not because you want to stay healthy, it is because you only care about your figure and beauty. And if you’re into makeup and beauty, that obviously means you’re self-centred and don’t care about your family cause how dare you be actually interested in something for yourself?!

"The modern girl is no longer shy, obedient and homely creature as she used to be. She is more a self-centered creature than a loving daughter or sympathetic sister. She is eager to enjoy life fully and so she does not want to miss any party, cinema show, concert, fashion parades and such like outdoor activities. She talks and makes friendship with boys freely and easily."

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First of all, how has this essay not been edited? The grammar nazi in me is cringing!

Second, WHAT!?

The sexist statements made in this essay actually overtly promotes gender-based hate, prejudice and blatant misogyny. It was originally shared on Facebook by a man who was appalled to see this in his cousin’s textbook. The post instantly went viral as netizens began to slam the author, the board and the book itself.

Women have fought strong, hard and long to reach the stage they are currently at and teaching things dipped in sexism and gender bias is just taking us two steps behind. Children's minds are easily shaped and if these regressive opinions are the readings for them then only God can help us women. No wonder our country ranks 125 on the Gender Inequality Index.

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