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Budget Buys: These Awesome Brow Products Are Under Rs 499 And Work Just Fine!

Budget Buys: These Awesome Brow Products Are Under Rs 499 And Work Just Fine!

There's no doubt that our brows have a lot to do with our look. And while fancy brow kits are always on my wishlist, I make most of the affordable eyebrow products to get my eyebrows on fleek. Here are some awesome products that are under Rs 499 and are super good to use. Before that, check out how to shape your brows according to your face shape. Now that you have a clean canvas, let's start.

Fill Them In With An Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo

Eyebrow pencils are a vital part of your brow kit that can instantly make a visible difference. Always start from the middle of your brows and fill the areas that have sparse hair. Use a brush to blend the product properly so that it does not look artificial. Once done filling the brows, use a concealer to highlight the brows.

POPxo Recommends:- Lakme Eyebrow Pencil (Rs 65), Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper  (Rs 300)

Keep An Eyebrow Brush Handy

It is very important to have the right brush and blending is the key to perfect makeup, you can't blend well if the brush is not good. Also after using pencil or powder, you need a brush to wipe off the extra product from eyebrows. 

POPxo Recommends: Megaga Eyebrow Makeup Brush No. 79 (Rs 395)

Try A Powder Kit

Miss Claire Eyebrow Cake

If you are someone who does not like to go bold on brows and keep it natural, then you should definitely try a powder kit. Take a little bit of product on an angled brush and fill in gaps. Highlight the brow bone with a highlighter.

POPxo Recommends- Miss Claire Eyebrow Cake (RS 495)

Like Them Bold? Get An Arch Definer

SUGAR Arch Arrival Brow Definer

Arch brow definer is a very sturdy buy for someone who really likes to sport the arched brow look like Deepika Padukone. It is actually very easy to draw brows using this because the product is made that way. Use a light hand to start making strokes at the front. Choose the thickness of your brows depending on your preference and face shape. Blend in the extra product with the help of a spoolie brush.

POPxo Recommends: SUGAR Arch Arrival Brow Definer (Rs 499)

Set Them With A Brow Gel

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

It is essential to have an eyebrow gel or mascara as it contains tiny fibres that fill in any unwanted gaps or for those of us who naturally have thin brows. This is also used to set brows so if you're a bold look, this one is a must-have. Use the mascara brush and move it in the hair directed to get a natural fuller look.

POPxo Recommends: Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara  (Rs 227)

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