Everything You Need To Know About Hotel Management & Hospitality Schools In India

Everything You Need To Know About Hotel Management & Hospitality Schools In India

Do you dream of a successful career in the hospitality business? Do you see yourself cooking up a storm in a kitchen or handling day-to-day operations of a luxury hotel? With India attracting more and more international hotel chains and restaurants, this is a great time to be in the industry and build your career.

Hospitality industry is a huge market of opportunities. It doesn't confine you to stick to one career option, but provides you multiple options in the industries such as hotel, tourism, food, and aviation. 

Before you step into this world, you need intel on how to acquire the skills you need to excel. A lot of it will come from experience, but you need a headstart that a great college can give you. As Fritz Van Paasschen, author of Amazon best-seller The Disruptors’ Feast and the former CEO of Starwood Hotels said to us, "It's important to focus on the skills you want to keep adding to your portfolio of abilities and along the way you find things that you are enjoying, then you make sure you do the job you're doing in the best possible way. If you are building skills to support your current job, the future will take care of itself."

If you are thinking of a career in this industry, we've got this country's five best hospitality and hotel management schools that'll help you, assist you and groom you to get where you want to be.           

1. ISH (Indian School of Hospitality)

1 indian school of hospitality

Image Courtesy: ISH

Wanna study in a five-star hotel? Then ISH is designed for you. Be it baking, serving or managing, whatever your interests might be, both the campus and the programme of ISH is designed to give you the practical setting of your future working environment. Live kitchen, latest technology and equipment in the school will allow you to experience the real-time hospitality situations much before your first internship. Less theory, more practical and more fun, that's ISH for you!  

Besides, ISH is offering a scholarship to every girl student. Speaking on the same Dilip Puri, founder and CEO of ISH said, "I feel worse than perhaps you do when I don't see women represent us as General Managers in our hotels, take the leadership positions in our hotels. I think for us it's one of our key priorities to make sure that we can educate more women and develop more female leaders." 

2. ICE College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Mumbai

2 ICE college of hotel management

Image source: icecollege.in

ICE provides a lot of exposure to students in five-star hotels during the period of three years. The college offers three year degree and diploma courses and promises 100% placement with names like JW Marriott, The Oberoi, Taj and The Lalit. It encourages students to become entrepreneurs. This hospitality school provides a lot of 'learn and earn' job opportunities for its female students as front office department and housekeeping department always have openings. So girls, pack your bags and get ready to wear your suit! 

3. IHM, Mumbai (Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Mumbai)

IHM Mumbai

Image Source: EduFever

You can get admission in IHM Mumbai through NCHMCT JEE (National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination). The college is known to provide the best quality education and 12 weeks courses for bartending, cooking and baking. You can also apply for a BSc degree in Hospitality and Hotel administration or pursue the Craftsmanship course in Food and Beverages.

4. NITHM (National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad) 


Image Source: nithm.ac.in

If you are specifically fond of the tourism industry and are interested in opening a tourism brand in the coming days, this is the place for you. NITHM offers MBA, BBA and BSc courses to students and you can learn plenty of tourism skills here. If you don't want to do a three-year course, you can opt for a two-year MBA programme in tourism and hospitality management. 

5. IHM Pusa (Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Pusa) 

IHM pusa

Image Source: EduPadhai

If you've cleared NCHMCT JEE after your 12th, IHM Pusa is ready for you. IHM Pusa is amongst the favourites for every hospitality student and there's a reason why. Every year IHM Pusa gives the best results and most placements in the industry happen from here. This college's placement companies cover the widest range of names, from CCD to The Lalit, Hilton and ITC. They've got opportunities for you, everywhere. 

So now you know where to apply!

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