All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Natural Childbirth!

All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Natural Childbirth!

Childbirth is synonymous with miracles for a very good reason. What a mother’s body goes through in order to give birth to a baby is truly astounding. In this day of abundant epidurals and other pain-free labour medications, many mothers are choosing to deliver babies without any drug intervention.

In her book, Birthing Naturally, Dr Mahima Bakshi talks about pregnancy wellness that aims to increase the chances of expecting mothers in giving a successful and less-stressful natural birth. Ahead, she tells us five benefits that can drastically improve a baby’s life quality when the mother decides to give birth naturally.

1. Babies Come When They Are Ready

How many mothers have delivered exactly on the due date calculated by their doctor? Not many. We all know mums who have delivered early or a few days late. So, if labour starts naturally, then you know that the child is fully developed and is ready to be born. A baby could run a risk for prematurity if surgically delivered because of miscalculation of the due date.

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2. Babies Born Vaginally Receive Protective Bacteria

When babies are born naturally, they acquire a protective bacteria known as microbiome from their moms as they pass through the birth canal. These bacteria are helpful in building a strong immune system.

3. Better Breastfeeding Immediately After Delivery

When mothers deliver via C-section, breastfeeding is often delayed. This is because mothers need extra time to recover from the surgery. Physically, too, the mom may struggle to hold and nurse the new baby after the surgery. This is because surgeries often make it difficult for mothers to feed comfortably without putting pressure on their incision.

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4. Reduced Risk Of Respiratory Problems For The Child

When birthing naturally, two significant things take place. First, baby’s thorax is often compressed that expels the amniotic fluid. Second, various hormones have released that help clear the fluids from the baby’s lungs. Both these processes aid the baby to breathe air naturally without medical intervention.

5. Quicker Recovery

Mothers who give birth naturally, experience an oxytocin high which gives them the energy to cuddle with their baby and begin skin-to-skin touching, breastfeeding and eye contact. On the other hand, surgical deliveries involve a slower recovery for the mother due to the haze of the drugs or soreness of the surgery.

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The focus should be on not being afraid of labour because a woman’s body is naturally programmed to do it.

When you're making a decision about your delivery, make an informed choice and do what's best for you and your baby. Your doctor will also help you come to a decision, so talk to them about your concerns.

Have a happy, healthy baby, mommies!

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