Here Are Products That Every Millennial Girl Should Have On Her Beauty Counter

Here Are Products That Every Millennial Girl Should Have On Her Beauty Counter

While Korean beauty products are doing the rounds in the Indian market these days, most of us don’t know which one we must get our hands on. So, while there is a variety of products out there, we have compiled a list of 6 products from Koko Glam, a Korean beauty products company, that you should spend your hard earned money on!

These are some of the most popular Korean products that are even considered to be food for your skin. So go on and pick your favourite because we have already picked ours!

1. Avocado lip scrub

1 Kokoglam Avocado

Your lips can be chapped due to various reasons and it is important to get rid of the dead skin, just like your face. This avocado lip scrub provides intense hydration and keeps your lips free from flaking up. Avocado nourishes your lips and skin with its natural fat. Use it twice a week for flake-free lips!

Price: Rs 588. Buy it here.

2. Coconut sugar mask

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Coconut in any form, whether it’s consumed or applied, has really good benefits. It is responsible for glowing skin and a flawless complexion. This mask will gently remove all the dead skin cells and leave you with a brilliant glow. Apply it on your face once a week and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Price: Rs 974. Buy it here.

3. Honey and milk lip scrub

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As we mentioned earlier, it is very important to remove dead skin cells from your lips. Honey and milk will provide the required moisture and let’s face it - it smells so good! Use this scrub twice a week for kissable lips!

Price: Rs 504. Buy it here.

4. Quinoa sheet mask

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While we are all resorting to healthy eating habits by replacing rice with quinoa, let’s try the same with skincare too. Korean sheet masks are a rage in the market... that’s why we personally recommend this for a flawless looking complexion. The Quinoa in this sheet mask helps to moisturize dry skin. The beauty product also has natural cellulose, lyocell sheet and a mild formula that gently hydrates your skin without causing irritation.

Price: Rs 165. Buy it here.

5. Rice face mask scrub

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It is vital to scrub your face every once in a while. It not only removes dead skin but also gives you clear skin. All the daily stress will go down the drain once you use this mask on your face.

Price: Rs 673. Buy it here.

6. Wasabi lip plumper

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Love a natural pout? Well, who doesn't? This wasabi lip plumper will be perfect for those picture ready pouts. Not only will it make your lips look fuller by adding a natural plumping effect and volume, this beauty product will also give them a healthy look!

Price: Rs 504. Buy it here.

 *This is a sponsored post for Koko Glam